Thursday, August 23, 2012

xOMiakaOx ~ As an Inductor :)

First of all my Code >  8230802X031802088004634Z3feda1  <

Ok so we've come to this point then you have read the detail about HOW and WHY to get inducted right? if not then go ahead and read Right Here :3

Next, Why be my inductee? Because when you're inducted to me, I actually take care of you ^^ I have a long list of Inductees, some even ascended and Tier 5 now.
Depending on your activeness, I Disciple you, take you in my alliance Ultimate, one of the nicest Alliances in The Billows server (USA East). Then I Power level you and help you with your gears (Have to be around my timings to do that however.). Or one of my other high lvl inductees will plvl (Power Level) you. After that I help you with other quests and other things you may need to learn or know before you start the game ^^

When you get 75-105-135, I'll help on Tier quest or get you someone to help with it.

Update: I now plvl Inductess uptil T5 Pre Acend. if there isn't a Grind Event going on.

Depending on your activeness level, I'll buy you espers and other things as well. Remember, the more active you are the more you gain from me, a very fast lvling jaden charging inductee of mine got his grade 18 Pet from me. Another got a really nice esper from me. Another I helped with his ascended gears.

A very usual gift from me for inductees is pets. I almost always get my inductees pets when they hit 105. The grade and the type of pet depends on the activeness of the inductee and how much they have communicated with me.

I help my inductees with teaching them how to make in-game cash so if in the long run I'm not there they won't ever be broke.

I teach them how to do fair and other quests so they level faster.

If you have me on Skype or RaidCall, I can help even more cause then you can catch me out of game too ^^
Easiest way of contacting me is in game mail or leave a reply to this post of mine ^-^

[Adding this special note after a few of inductees misunderstanding, I do NOT compulsorily make ascended +8 gears. They're hard to make and cost a lot. If I'm your inductor it doesn't mean I'm your baby sitter. I'm here to help with things, not spoon feed everything to you. Learn to manage yourself as well like me and everyone who didn't have an inductor did in the start. I'll help you with stuff that I can. Pestering me and asking me again and again for the same thing doesn't put you in my good books and further makes me less inclined to do things for you.]

As for proof if I'm a good inductor or not these people below can be contacted any given time :D


and several others more :P

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Induction, Who What How Why?!?

Gchaos: Dagos Lupin level 149 Ascended. (Induction page coming soon)

xOMiakaOx: Fuwa Skysong 156 Ascended. (Click link to go to page for Code)

Okay, first thing you need to know about induction is that it's profit for BOTH the inductee and the inductor, IF you have a good inductor the help, guidance, and the relationship you have with them gets that much better, if you have a bad inductor they toss you aside after the initial power level and then you're wandering on your own wondering what to do and at level 105 asking people "Can you tell me where is Tanis Ka?" or even better, at 95 running around in Jadeon killing monkies thinking that is your level mob.

Induction, also gives you a treasure chest that's different from your usual beginner Treasure Chest, being called a Barocade Box, this comes with a Jade Sigil that you otherwise have to spend 90+$ just to make in game, and you BADLY need when you Ascend.

Your Inductor usually, not always, but usually, helps with your gears as well, refined gears +5 +6 or +7.

If you're new and you need help with various quests like The Cursed, or the Tier quests, your inductor mostly helps with that too. Even better if your inductor is a level 10 Crafter cause then you can get Blue and White stones for your Tier 4 from your Inductor for free.

 Usually Inductors power level to level 75. Some go to level 90. And some power level after you ascend in their affinity lands as well (you have to have a same affinity as your inductor or they can arrange for someone to power level you).

Now HOW to get inducted? You have to make a NEW account (Don't panic it's 100% worth it even if you're a level 100 char as long as you're not 140+ you can just keep your Tier 5 char for gold making and etc if you want to start over as inducted.).

 Then go to  Create a Char you use your inductor's code on the part where you go to character creation the section where you choose your hair and eyes and face. Look in the lower corner and and you'll see something like that -> input the code you got from your inductor to where Bound is written in this image. Then finish making your char. That's all. Now your inductor should be plvling (power leveling) you and you can go back to your own happy little char. Just better :P

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gallery (for now)

I might add my old version of a gallery again later when I make it xD till then this will be it :)
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Wallpapers & Gallery

So Jade Dynasty had a Wallpaper Contest on the forums, I ended up making a whole batch of wallpapers even after the date passed, guess I needed the boost to work on my designing again ^^ gonna add a gallery soon here ^^ hopefully, from here on I'll be able to do more with this blog.