Friday, November 15, 2013

Easy Gold :3 for FREE Items :D

IF you are an Incense Mage above lvl 75+ and have some honor you're in luck! Gchaos is buying lvl 4 honor gear which you get from your faction herald Yan Taila (Near Tanis Ka in Sunstream City) ! that's lvl 60 Male Mage gear (Lvl 4) and lvl 45 Female Mage gear (Lvl 3) Sets :3 10g each per piece! look up your Mage alts, look up your mains and get a few extra gold from something you didn't think was any use x3

We'll have this sort of offer for random gears time to time so keep checking back :3

Saturday, November 9, 2013

First Orison Instance in The Billows!

2013-11-08 !! First Orison Instance opened by Ultimate alliance ^-^

Here are the exclusive pictures :D

Thank you Remuri, Bunnieh, KingVT, jsrf, ColdWolf, epoHgniK, Unavaible, GNBlade, RavegeSoul, AbyssHell,  Alaztora. leeace, xXZeROoxX, Yunghsun, Cundry, Vanship, jacks, Kardashian, epoHgniK, Ryuuhei and everyone else who came to help ^^

Bunnieh opened :3

KingVT's Contribution

Entering View 

Boss about to Spawn!
Killing Starts of the Servant of Orison
Poor little Kid being abused x.x
Almost Dead!
Prizes time!!
There we go :D Exclusive pics ^-^ we started in a rush and didn't know what the heck we were supposed to do xD next time I'll make a video :3

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Autumn Update~ Harmony Scroll Code and Raccoon Gem!

Hello people!

So this time yet again a new shockingly CUTE giveaway xD!

==> ADE6WS9 <==

say hello to the utterly kawaii raccoon gem <3

You also get a Q_Q title (a guy thing for the most part girls would just love the gem xD!!) and enter the above code~ Have fun with your cute gems :3


Secondly, the Harmony Rune redeem thing is in, unlike before, this time it's a portable NPC sort of thing :3 just use the code and u get a pack in your mail that you take out in your bag. when you open that u can redeem all items at any given time, luckily, this time around they DIDN'T add the annoyance of having to redeem codes daily! (Thank you Trailturlte you rock bro!)


Here's the code for any of you who didn't check/miss out/are still looking :

==> CZJK97X <== and enter the above code~ Have fun with the farmed runes :3

AND if you missed out and didn't get enough Rune, here's a new chance for you to get at least SOME bit more ^-^

Bilu and Velenous quests have returned! Thank you again Trail! this will save a lot of new coming players ^-^ Make sure you do all 3 quest daily and you might get lucky and manage to finish your required Runes ^^ Besides the taichi and affinity doesn't hurt :3

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Google + Jade Dynasty Community *-* Cause it's the next BIG thing!

I decided I'll make a JD community on Google+ xD for those of you who don't know yet, Google+ is gonna be the most epic hangout soon :3

This will be a great place for everyone to share videos and screenies directly from thier Gmail/Google account without having to bother to put it on Forums or etc. With this you can share your stuff with people in your Circles and your other out of JD family/friends as well.

This will be Cross server not just Billows so we would get to know out of Billows people firsthand without having to deal with annoying pages and pages of forums posts. Easily browse through videos and pics and just jump to whichever you fancy ^-^

Spread it! Share it! + it! *-*

Free Grade 18 Temp Pets Giveaway~

So I got this random email o.o; giving me this code :

--->  9DE6RZ4 <--

To redeem it, go to JD website, Log in to your account and go to This link > Redeem! and enter this code to get 3, 1 day G18 Pets *-* quite helpful with wars or botting ^-^

I'll post more codes if I get them, enjoy your free pets ^-^

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

JD Fashion Show Part 3 ~ The Sunstrider Fashion Sets !

Hello everyone!
Presenting this time is not one or two but 3 different fashion sets both male and female that are (so far) redeemable with codes only. The code you ask? Look in here to see details :3 

First Fashion issss the Moonfall Set!
Quite glamours and dignified, perfect for the people who like to keep it royal and elegant.
The female hair looks like a mermaid hair <3 and the male Blue Rose looks very mysterious and romantic, did you know the Blue Rose symbolizes mystery and Unrequited love?

My JD sis IrisFrost from Ultimate with Moonfall Female Set :

RavenClaws from SOLDIER Alliance with the Male Moonfall Set :

Next up is the Stylish and Fresh looking Springshine Set.
This one I really liked the female version of, from long before it even got into the game here, one of the few fashion that don't have the basic long back design. The Male version looks very different from the female one.

My JD Sis IrisFrost from my alliance Ultimate again with the Female version:

And Taishang from Camelot with the Springshine Male version for Athans~

And my good friend KingVT with the Male Springshine for Humans:

 Finally the Cutest and Most Adorable the Peachflower Set!
I personally feel like this one was made for cutie factions like ardens better xP the Male set however is my personal favorite.

 My Friend Juliete from TROY with the female Peachflower Set:

And Gojou the very very nice friend from FREEDOM who helped me get the pic for the final fashion because of which I wasn't able to make this post sooner (since no one seemed to have this particular set :x) with the MALE Peachflower! doesn't he look so dignified and stylish x3

AND with that we come to a FINAL Bonus! my fave pic Thanks to Tanshang which I made into a special wallpaper for your screens ^-^

Like my page and Subscribe to my stuff on the side if you like to get first digs on more freebies ^-^

The Sunstrider Update and the Code Confusion

Along with the Sunstrider Update (Official Link) the codes were sent out as Sunstrider Updae Reward for the level cap increase and new stuff coming out. Randomly people were sent emails titled " Elite Sunstrider Rewards and a New Level Cap!" who got the code for a Fashion Set, Champion Ribbon (a Seal that gives awesome stats like 4% Crit Rate, 5% HP Increase and 2% Critnull, will add pic later), and 9999x Chroma Beads (that don't say they're un-tradeable but they actually are :x). There was a huge annoyance over the code since a lot of people didn't get the codes and the emails they got were just titled "Can you handle a new level cap?" that contained ONLY a 7 day Zodiac Lord transform Gem, yes not even permanent :x and it's the same gem that Final level VIP rank people get, so it's basically useless for people who charge a lot. In addition a LOT of high levels and active people didn't get the code and people's random alts got it >.< Anyhow the good thing with the good for the fashion lovers was the fact that the code had a choice of several fashions to choose from (Look here for full fashion list) The fashion can be redeemed at this NPC

in Sunstream near the Jade Exchange Girl. The JD Fashion Show list will help you choose pick which fashion to choose so you don't regret later :3

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

To Ends and New Beginnings.

While JD is going through a Maint. I thought I should come here and clear a few things up.

Why, I haven't been as active on Jade Dynasty like I used to, the past few months. Why I have been constantly stuck in Trade Realm and Botting. Why I'm not doing the PVE things with the alliance. And/Or why most importantly when I say I'm sick I'm not offline 24/7 and still coming on game.

I have been diagnosed with Endometriosis, It's a painful illness that causes severe pain in my stomach which is utterly random. It started a long time ago, unnoticed, everyone thought it was a usual tummy ache and I took normal meds. When it kept getting worse I got a check up done and it turned out my condition was close to getting an Ovarian Cancer. After a lot of panic and going through a lot of painful tests, I was put under test treatment. Meanwhile, I kept trying to do things as normal on JD but the spasm like pain would get in the way, in mid-war, in time to turn vouchers in, in most crucial time of talks. Made me feel horrible to be unable to help when I badly wanted to. I told people in the alli, 3 months ago, briefly that I'm sick. Some knew the most details, like hawk, and the alli Marshal was the only one who knew my entire condition and everything I was going through. I passed Warlord to other members as soon as I noticed I wouldn't be able to as much active as I was like a no lifer before.

It hurt not being able to do things with my friends like before, I cherish my alli, everyone there is my family, and it hurt to be the one who was left out of everything because I couldn't tell when the pain would accelerate. Nakamahazure tte kanji... like everyone is moving forward without me being able to be there or part of it. Several times my CP/MTH/ET vouchers expired just because I wasn't able to sit up during the half hour or so it took to be there to do it. I missed a lot of fun wars as well. A lot of alli events.. weddings... list is endless.
Vending was a much simpler thing to do, set things up, world chat, and leave, come back, re-enter that same world chat and done.

Certain people took advantage of me not being able to do things, and made it look like I didn't want to do things specifically with the alli, trying to portray me as a stuck up person who thinks she's better than the rest of the alli. I'm not. It's an alli, everyone's a part of the family, not superior or inferior. Just a family.

Me being online despite being sick, was for the same reason, I tried my best to do whatever I could in the little time I had to be online, vending things for people, price checking, finding things they needed or simply just trying to talk around. I don't believe in if you're sick just give up and lay down. I want to try and do my best even if it seems like I can't. And being on and doing as much as I did, was me trying to be there for my family on JD.

To everyone who stuck with me and put up with my absence, Thank you. I'm grateful to have such amazing friends who could understand and be there. You looked out for me and cared about my well being even though you didn't know the details of my illness, even when it meant I won't be able to help you out in game, I'll do my best to be there for you when you need me for whatever you may need me for. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Unavaible, Yuechin, Gati, KingVT, ChloeT, kenzoo, shinwa, Thank you for always yelling at me to rest xD I love you guys <3

To everyone who sought the easier way out and pushed the blame of things on me without ever trying to ask me reasons for why I wasn't able to be like I was before, Thank you, you taught me that there are people there who no matter what you do for them, can only look out for themselves and not give a damn about other people or try to understand. It was a nice time we spent together when we did, good luck with your life here on ^^ I will be fine, this much won't break me ^^ I'll continue to do things as I can so I never regret later. zettai taorenai yo.

To the end of a long long illusion, and to new beginnings with new friends. Let's all be happy together with the little things we can all do as a family. Money and items eventually lose value, but as long as you have someone by your side who's willing to help you stand back on your feet every single time you fall, you'll be alright ^^ Even if it's a game, the people and their feelings are still there. The good or bad you do to others, comes back to you in some form sometime. Let's all play fair together ^^
Friends, are important, in game or real life, doesn't make a difference because friends are always important.

I'm trying to get better as soon as I can, already being on and active more than before, hopefully we'll have a lot of alliance events and giveaways and more later,

Most of all, Thank you Gchaos, for always being there for me through good and bad, Daisuki. Anata no kawari wa sekai juu de doko ni mo inai.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lucky Star Codes and How to Redeem it.

(The Grind Event has now ended, but Lucky Stars are still being given out.)
The grind event that's ongoing right now has a special items section that require you having Lucky Stars to get them.

Getting Lucky Star is another annoying thing they put in this year again, I'll post a list of the codes so far, granted they'd mostly be expired by now but hopefully it'll help people from missing more.

1. Log in on your account on JD website: .

2. Go to .

3. Put the code in the redeem section, select your server and char, careful because if you mess it up you can't get again on same account.

4. Redeem it.

I recommend using all of the codes on the list just in case some of them are still working. <- verified only last 2-3 codes will work so don't tire yourself out by redeeming the rest of the junk ._.

Codes so far:

(I removed my code listing since the thread here is keeping better track of it :3 so thanks PhiliongXxX, KingVT, and other people who helped me get the codes.)

4/3 - DCKTEME (1)
4/4 - 5MC636C (6)
4/5 - 9J7W89Y (6)
4/6 - 4Y8MTA9 (6)
4/7 - SAA3B4J (6)
4/8 - PCTHHW1 (beware... in-game message said 6 but you only get 1)
4/8 - WS9WSWT (6) ...compensate of early code error from system (credit to trailturtle)
4/9 - 9LLZ982 (6)
4/10 - HKLSYD1 (6)
4/11 - LSZKYYK (6)
4/12 - 3J41LK7 (6)
4/13 - HSZMTA7 (6)
4/14 - H4HRMTP (6)
4/15 - 5LDX9KP (6)
4/16 - 92JW22D (6)
4/17 - M8SMK2R (6)
4/18 - ZSYX2AT (6)
4/19 - E1787P5 (6)
4/20 - KTDWH3S
4/21 - 1ZWZ7HM
4/22 - XCZB2BP
4/23 - DJR31WB
4/24 - 9889MRP
4/25 - KS66TK6

4/26 - Still to come
4/27 - Still to come
4/28 - Still to come
4/29 - Still to come
4/30 - Still to come

[Additional thing I found on the link which I didn't see till today xD]

24 hours G18 Pet - 8P93BW6 (credit to TabbyQueen)
24 hours G18 Pet - WZ2YM4P (credit to TabbyQueen)

those are all I remember so far with the latest being the last one on list, last three should be working for sure.

(Guide made for my inductee kenzoo)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Warning Again! YaraSofia the G.I.R.L!

YaraSofia - Delty - Deityx - MiyaAida - AsunaSama - skybird - Skybeam and more faces of one same guy~ read the rest below to find out the details.

Thank you : LyunSheng-Maou-Rissu-Yeou-KingRed-iiUnique-KingVT and everyone else who contributed on the info about this scammer/faker.

TAKE 10-15 Min to Read ALL of this CAREFULLY and save your 100-150k or more :O!

First of all here's a pic from Madelene *hope I spelled it right :o*

Epic piece of work right there :P 

So the story of YaraSofia starts with a distant GUY char called Skybird (OH YES I WENT THERE!), in those days I was a mere noob who struck it lucky and sold a few rare items and got rich, and it was reputed I spoil everyone I was with in game~ soooo Skybird comes and hits on me :o! The very first item was the esper he tried to sell to me xD
Then it continued to the point where he'd always ask me to lend him money or buy him this item or that, which I soon grew tired of cause it started feeling like I was being used, soooo I started giving him the cold shoulder and hanging out with a female friend of mine more. After a lot of trying to get with me he gave up and came up with a NEW Idea! Enters SkyBeam :3 a FEMALE char :3 which he claimed was because he was sick of being alone so he decided to go and marry himself. Few days later SkyBeam is seen hanging around the male rich players xD and I'm thinking to myself "Oh! so that was the new plan". Anyhow I let him be. There were stories of him golddiging people but then it went down, skybird still tried to hit on me time to time but slowed down and eventually gave up.
Enters Delty :3 random Modo pre noob that he made and told me about a long time ago and forgot that he told me. He went around talking to guys on that char for a while then my friend jamezilla who was in my alli that time added him to the alliance. He still kept going on around acting like a girl but now it was getting more flirtatious and he was always trying to hit on rich guys in the alli. When I confronted him he replied saying "you are forgetting something 'hun', I am a girl" and I was like wow he actually forgot that I am one person who know his reality from his first main! In the meantime there were stories of him scamming this person or that. I warned my friend but he didn't take me seriously and was going to marry Delty. Took a LOT of effort but he finally changed his mind to not marry. However, nice as he was, Delty managed to trick his info out of him by begging and pleading and hacked him. His entire char was wasted. Then I found out way later after Delty left the alli after marrying yet another rich guy. I raged at him in wc and everyone found out. So he went MIA on Delty.
Now SnowQween shows up, random little noob arden who I figured out was him, he started going pvp crazy on the arden and all the while scamming more people. I still kept telling people who it was. 
I never mentioned it's skybird however, so I think he got into a false sense of security that I don't know it's him o.o.
After a LOT of scamming and Gold digging, he went off on all those chars.

Few months later, Deityx a pre Voida comes up, the similarities were insane close, I still gave them the benefit of doubt. She kept asking me questions and prices and I helped out, then my friend KingVT went through a few trades with her. Then KingVT was selling a Grade 18 Pet for his friend SoulKiss, Deityx wanted to buy the pet and wanted to pay in jaden but refused to pay same time or first. So KingVT the good and trusting guy that he is, agreed to let her have the pet first since he thought he went through so many trades with her and she'll be trustworthy. The moment he traded her the pet she logged off, and deleted him from friendlist. KingVT had to the return 300k to his friend for no fault of himself apart from being a good guy. After that Deityx changed name to YaraSofia and claimed he never did any such thing. The Pet was finally sold to CalKash/Reiseii for 200 Jade which she used to scam more people with.
I kept reminding people about YaraSofia in every single world chat and now I was convinced that YaraSofia is indeed Delty.

YaraSofia had no choice but to lay low, and here comes MiyaAida! Oh yeah shocker huh xD I didn't think it was the same person at first, but I offered to plvl her in Moontop Hollow, and when plvling, I told her my bf also plvls and in a high aoe spot. Point about this is no one but my and my bf's inductees know that he plvls in Moontop Hollow. 2 days later, YaraSofia pmed my bf asking for plvl in MTH. Interesting isn't it that as soon as MiyaAida finds out about something YaraSofia does too. I tested it out by telling MiyaAida about items and YaraSofia asking for same items. I slowly stopped talking to MiyaAida and giving her the cold shoulder. The rich guy MiyaAida trapped also found out about her being YaraSofia and they broke up or something. MiyaAida became less active. Oh yeah and every item YaraSofia discarded, like the Fire Phoenix skyblade, is now being used by MiyaAida :3 

And FINALLY comessss SURPRISE SURPRISE! xFayex ! Yes people tragically enough for whoever thought it was a different person, xFayex is just another alt of the same person :) She tried to get on my good side a LOT and been trying to buy sell similar items that YaraSofia previously had. After a bit of jumping allies here and there she(HE) got invited to my alliance Ultimate AGAIN by WoodySt in his clan. And since then has been trying to act all nice and cute and asking for help and stuff. PRETENDING to be a poor broke girl so people would ger her (HIM) things xD I kind of figured out it was same person so I kept researching and observing without saying anything. And last night was the last straw xD xFayex wanted IC plvl from 'KingRed' same as MiyaAida/YaraSofia did, and at the same time said in alliance that she has no intention of actually buying plvl from him and acted all cute and sad which made the people in the alli, nice as they are, offer to plvl her (HIM) in IC xD 
I told KingRed and he said that MiyaAida/YaraSofia did the same thing! 

And now... the BIG CURTAIN RAISER!
Thank you KingVT for the Core Connect idea the CONCRETE Proof I badly needed to complete this <3 


now we come to SnowQween

and THESE her the OTHER chars xD <- MiyaAida the alt he DIDN'T for once make on same account :3 

And here's the Link to prove it's the same person <3 :


AsunaSama/AsunaChan(currently banned)  is also MiyaAida/YaraSofia 

Try searching core Connect for AsunaSama and this will turn up when u click on the Billows Forta name :

YaraSofia/MiyaAida would always say they're tech noobs and can't make a Skype. They will absolutely NEVER go on voice call. If they want to prove me wrong they can go on Voice Call on Skype same time or on RaidCall. I dare them to go on Skype same time and TALK in voice call. Otherwise they're both same person.

This is payback, for jamezilla, KingVT and all the poor souls you scammed and ruined the gameplay for.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

JD Give Away ~ Scythe Shade Pet

So since I saw a lot of people asking for the Scythe Shade Pet code and not ebough people knowing it I decided to make a post about it so everyone can have it ^-^

Go to : - AFTER logging into your account.

Enter this Code :  CRXEH1H

Select your server and the char you want the pet at, make sure you pick the right one since it's only 1 char per account.

And then get this pet xD

That's my noob modo with the Grade 19 Rayan Boss pet :3

Rayan Boss Pet - Scythe Shade with my modo

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things for Sale (Updated Regularly)

I'll put up a list of things I have for sale and quantity on here so when someone needs something they can check here and see if I got it ^-^ no matter how big or small ^-^ You can offer trades or leave offers here as well :)

If there's some specific item you're looking for you can ask me here and I'll find it for you as fast as I can ^-^

I'm also, from now on, putting up an 'cheaper method for all payments' option up. Depending on the item you're buying, you can get up to 10% discount on original price if you pay with that. For more info add me on...

Skype : o0Miaka0o (copy paste)
Line : atashinokoe 

My shop is always set (When I'm online) at Esper Mystic

Mounts :

Grand Caravan
Darkflame Pegasus
Scorpion Lord
Chimera Aomo (blue dragon)
Aohu the Dragon
Chromatic Moa

Any Beastsoul Orb Mount.

Espers : (will update)

Anan's Secret Set -
Death Wand Set Ascended  -
Dragon Mark Set -
Fan of Brad
Firmus - (have Acc)
Golden Gourd -
Gambler Cube
Lunar Brooch Set -
Noxious Cauldron Set
Ruby Pagoda
Soul Lantern
Soul Scepter + Asc Soul Scepter
Spiritrap Banner (Including a lvl 3 one)
Ying Yang Orbs  -

Almost all 135 Faction Espers

Wings : 

Murasaki Essence
Chromatic Plumes
Skyfall Wings
Icarus Wings
Phoenix Plumes
Cymbidium Wings

Skyblades : 
Nebula Lancet
Iron Draco
Onyx Fury
Astral Tridant
Jaden Shock
Sky Lance
Brilliant Zephyer (Epic. only one on server)

Sinister Orb
Gambler Cube

Sky Mounts : 

Butterfly Shadow
Frost Cutter
Fire Phoenix
Radiant Spirit

Pets and Pet Related: ( will update)

Full Pet List with Images

Menggu Relics

Dragon Dance Herbs

Dragon Fang Herbs

100 point Pet Jades : HP x15 - Defence x17 - Evasion x 5

Fashions : 


Lavender Suit Set
Cerulean Set x many
Fire Blossom Suit
Auspice Suit
Maplecharm Suit
Tiger Suit
Frost Lord, Lunar and Lavender extra Hat only


Purity Garments
Fire Blossom
Snowfox Set
Night Blade Set x5
Prismatic Lotus
Violet Ice Robe
Tigress Set
Anan (first one)
Bilu (first one)
Silken Jade

Other things :
Skytouch Jades 4700 Unbound

Serenity Jades

Sunny Jades x 9000 -

Green Welkin Jade x 30

Orison Fragments x 10k

Yuan Crystals Lvl 9 x 3

Wonderland Stones 12-13k Bound and 3.7k Unbound

Chi Enhancer x 10

Gold Sigil x2 (+7)
Silver Sigil x2 (+6)

Adv Orb Beads

a TON of Dyes

100k + Empyreal Crystals

Golden Letters

Twilight Jade

Gold/Silver/Rose VIP

Tiger/Turle Ices

Elemental Beads 100+ each probably.

Things I'm BUYING :

Nothing that I want to buy except good pets (Grade 12 +) and wings

JD Fashion Show !

Introducing the JD Fashion Show ^-^

I've had some previous JD Fashion Show posts which I will post here.

How do you get featured here? Well find me wearing something that catches the eye, could be a matching pet+mount combo, or a mount and fashion that looks uniquely made just for you, or simply anything that looks eye catching ^-^

JD Fashion Show Part 1 ~ Celans, We can look Hot too!

JD Fashion Show Part 2 ~ The Dark Nova!

JD Fashion Show Part 3 ~ The Sunstrider Fashion Sets

Useful Guides and Troubleshoots

I'll put all links for the different Quests and common every day things that people need help with and get lost about.

(If you want to be notified when I update these links just subscribe to my feedburner and follow me on google and networked blogs.)

Making Essence (PvP or PvE)

Botting Spots for Ascend People, the alternate to the usual Fuwa/Felkin/Dagos Lands.

Pet Problems (Will add later)

Gears (Will add later)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making a Soul Scepter Esper in Jade Dynasty!

My first JD video xD Making  a Soul Scepter by combining a Death Wand and Sin Orb by bloodsmelting with Demon Blood Essence ^-^ yay happy day xD

Sunday, March 3, 2013

JD Fashion Close Up~ The Dark Nova Fashion!

This time featuring Asabella and Azhazel as my special guest Models ^-^

I noticed Asabella in Trading realm running (My home) around with the Dark Nova with matching gold mask and Fuwa affinity circle xD and few seconds later I see Azhazel passing by her with same Fuwa circle in gold!

So I drag them both to Incence Valley to get them in the JD Fashion section :3

The Dark Nova Can be Acquired by chrarging 50 jaden while the Valentine's Rewards last ^-^ looks way cooler than the regular Nova~

As you can see it looks way perfect with the Glutton Mask :3

Thank you Asabella (Ultimate Alli) and Azhazel (SOLDIORS) for being my models ^-^

If you want to be featured as my next models catch me while wearing something that matches you perfectly well with your faction or on a matching Mount with pet or whatever hits my fancy :3