Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Quit JD for Good.

I quit the game for good now.
Everything on my account is up for sale. I mean, EVERYTHING.
Contact me on o0Miaka0o on Skype or tamahomenomiko on LINE to ask questions related to the items and payments.

Items include G12-G18 very OP pets.
ALL sort of wings + Skyblades/ Skymounts.
8 Mil or so Gold.
10k+ Sunny Jades-Welkin Jades.
Taichi Pill Packs.
A lot of random Mounts, some of them really rare.
Other Random Items, I'll have to check my account for the whole list.
You can inquire if there's something specific you need.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Perfect World Antiques Continue. No More Fun Events.

Hello everyone,

As you all know, I started a new fun giveaway to keep the game alive and interesting while getting more people to know about this site. Unfortunately, I can't continue that anymore since Perfect World decided to ban all my accounts and not just my accounts, both my sister's and my cousin who was visiting from the middle east also got his account banned just cause he used my net while he played.

When I demanded an explanation this is what they said :

See the cheerful tone? I received no prior warning, no notification nothing whatsoever. I had JUST finished transferring my items to different accounts that I made for stashing and organizing my items. I'm sure anyone who has been playing a few years does that at some point. We don't have shared stash on one account and it's a hassle keeping everything on one character, no, actually it's quite impossible. I'm aware most people make mule accounts that they use to stash things up. I know gear botters and refiners make accounts to stah refined and unrefined gears. Pet gear crafters like me make accounts for stashing different type and level of pet gears. Some people who are charm makers make accounts to stash different type/faction charm pieces on different account and chars. It's not an uncommon thing in MMORPGs. I have played many MMORPGs and no where, not even one place limited the amount of accounts you could make.

Basically what they are saying is that whatever work we put in on making new accounts for new factions or making new chars when we got bored of playing one type, doesn't matter how much time and effort we put in, if they think they want to ban it, they will. YET, they never ban anyone who's a charging constantly an endless amount. I know so many people just on the billows server alone who keep more than 3-4 accounts on all the time and own endless accounts and yet they roam free.

Lastly, I was given this option. Lose all my stuff and take just two accounts. Again senseless thing to do considering I wasn't the only one they banned in the first place. 

I'm sure a lot of people out there lost items cause of bugs, broke gears, lost VIP ranks and had other things happen to them by no fault of their own and yet got no compensation for it from PWE. I think it's about time we stand up for ourselves and do something about it.  First they added the miserable Arc crap to spy in on our personal information. The system is a fail that forgets the saved computers and have to keep redoing it. People who didn't remember emails to accounts ended up losing accounts altogether. Then the only 2 chars on crap happened and people who couldn't charge and only had the option to farm to make money suffered a huge blow. Now this crap about OWNING only TWO accounts. NO other game does this and yet this game that is already steadily dying, is doing this. 

I would need help getting back the accounts before I can continue selling things or before I can continue with the free giveaways. if anyone else has had a similar experience or is in the same situation (many accounts that might randomly get banned just like that) can comment what they think about this here. I'll upload a petition soon, meanwhile I can't do anything on JD.

For everyone who sends in a ticket to Perfect World about this absurdity and sends me a screenshot of the sent ticket, I'll give 5k each when I get my account back. I don't care if I go broke after getting my account back but this tyranny needs to stop. We all put in so much work and time on this game just to lose it on their whimsical, bias rules.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Easy 3k Gold Giveaway~ with Bonus 10k Chance!

Update: IF Subscribers and Followers reach 50 within a week, I'll do a Soul Scepter giveaway.

I'm starting a new giveaway event!

All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you get gold from me in game.

1. Subscribe to my Feedburner (little box where it says Subscribe by email)

Follow on Google

And NetworkedBlogs (uses your Facebook account)

(make sure to check your email and activate the subscription or it won't show). You're not eligible for cash if you're not showing as subscribed. (something like this should show when you click on subscribe )

2. World chat with your free Telegem this url (tinyurl.com/JDMall14) that's 'JD MaLL 14' and say something about any of the items for sale there or about this giveaway.

3. Take a screenshot of your world chat and post it in the comment section of this post along with the name you followed me on google with and your in game char name. You can use Snipping Tool to take the WC section of the screenshot and www.tinypic.com to upload it.

I'll either meet you in game and give you the money or I'll mail you the money via in game mail.

For people who like anime, can subscribe to my other site as well (Atashi No Koe)

Update: For what to say in world chat, you can use "xOMiakaOx selling great items at tinyurl.com/JDMall14" or  "Free 3k gold at tinyurl.com/cashJD14" or "awesome collection of wings at tinyurl.com/JDMall14" etc etc, you can make up your own world chats accordingly or just copy paste the given sample texts.

For every 10th person who does this, I'll do a random draw of 10k gold :o

For a little EXTRA cash, every time you world chat my URLs, 'tinyurl.com/cashJD14' and tinyurl.com/JDMall14' and give me a screenshot of the wc, I'll give you 500g extra each time, Can only do it 5 times more and only once in an hour to keep it fair and non spammy. You can do all in one day, or one wc each day, or one wc every 2-3 hour.  Entirely up to you.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

JD Wallpaper - Cymbidium Wings

I posted this ages ago but I don't know how the post got deleted or something so reposting it >.>;

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Putting up Pets for sale, these include Ascended Pets as well.

G3 - G10 Pets:

Grade 12 Pets:

 Grade 13 and up:

Grade 17-18 :

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Unlimited Soul Cards + Fatecharms

Since I noticed some people aren't aware or aren't properly aware of what is going on, I'll explain in full detail.

Jade Dynasty is currently heavily BUGGED. Some good some bad.

Bad ones:

You cannot redeem the BFS Win reward outside. No more Afking and thinking that it would give you a win eventually and you can just come and claim reward. No, now you have to redeem it within the Elysium area after the win or you cannot get it.

Major DC sessions: Nothing new there, lag and DC just increased is all.

Skills and Items going gray and not working: Yeah some skills, and items, when logging in or coming out of instances, bug and go gray. You have to go back into Elysium for them to get fixed.

Gear Refine Level randomly dropping: Yes, not kidding, I had +10 BG chest, I tried +11, it failed and went down to directly +8 instead of +9. When I sent ticket I was told it was +9 to begin with. Well, basically screwed me over. Other poeople reported gear breaking with Serenity Jades and etc as well.

Client crashing when leaving maps through portals.

GOOD Bugs:

Unlimited Fatecharm Combination: You heard me, U-N-L-I-M-I-T-E-D!
How to do it : Combine your usual 10 rounds > Go into Elysium (I use rift gate, faster)> Come out > Do it again > Repeat. Simple as that. No more 1 jaden per 10 combine.

Unlimited Soul Cards : Same as with fatecharms, C > Soul Card > Reading >  Refresh/Confirm > Flip Card > Go into Ely > Come out > Flip Card. Do this till you get the card you want, then refresh and repeat.

Unlimited Instances : CP/MTH/Soul Tower/ CT / Beast Lord.. any instance, you go into Elysium and it refreshes and you can do it again. Good time to farm BL books and Heaven Dragon Seals for your gears. For lower level, this is the perfect time to farm Soul Tower and stack on Taichi Pills and level up faster.  Also Chroma Beads and Affinity beads for your Choroma level and your affinity/essences.

There also seems to be a bug to farm unlimited fatecharm fragments but so far I haven't found out the method. There's a vend in Trade Realm in Billows that I have seen selling over 30k or 40k fatecharm fragments already. Possible bug as well but when I asked I didn't get an answer.

Expertise Potions Cooldown resets.

Fealty Point Reset : Everytime you go into Ely, your entire fealty points reset, so you can basically farm the fealty boxes for Taichi Pills, Soul Inverters and whatever rest there is.


This is a bug. Do this stuff at your own risk. Even though since the entire server is doing it they'll have to shut the game down to ban players.

When you go into Elysium, do NOT touch the cards or fatecharms. IF you do then it won't work anymore. Using a Wishing Branch and Flame of Nirvana however, resets the soul cards at least, so I'm guessing using the fatecharm item might reset fatecharms as well.

Take screen of every refine attempt you do during this bug time, they refuse to admit it's a bug and don't fix your gears, refine at your own risk.

You can ONLY do this from reset to 12 PM in game time. Yeah, get ready for sleepless nights. I don't know if this bug is only in The Billows server or the others as well but I guess it might be all over. Any info would be appreciated.

If you guys have any further bug info or reports, do share so we can help make the game alive again. I saw more returning players here than ever before :x ...

Happy Bug Dynasty ~

Disclaimer : I'm not promoting bug usage, do it at your own risk, I simply explained the good and bad bugs that are there so players are careful. O:-)