Friday, July 15, 2016

Easy 3k Gold Giveaway~ with Bonus 10k Chance!

Update: IF Subscribers and Followers reach 50 within a week, I'll do a Soul Scepter giveaway.

I'm starting a new giveaway event!

All you have to do is follow these simple steps and you get gold from me in game.

1. Subscribe to my Feedburner (little box where it says Subscribe by email)

Follow on Google

And NetworkedBlogs (uses your Facebook account)

(make sure to check your email and activate the subscription or it won't show). You're not eligible for cash if you're not showing as subscribed. (something like this should show when you click on subscribe )

2. World chat with your free Telegem this url ( that's 'JD MaLL 14' and say something about any of the items for sale there or about this giveaway.

3. Take a screenshot of your world chat and post it in the comment section of this post along with the name you followed me on google with and your in game char name. You can use Snipping Tool to take the WC section of the screenshot and to upload it.

I'll either meet you in game and give you the money or I'll mail you the money via in game mail.

For people who like anime, can subscribe to my other site as well (Atashi No Koe)

Update: For what to say in world chat, you can use "xOMiakaOx selling great items at" or  "Free 3k gold at" or "awesome collection of wings at" etc etc, you can make up your own world chats accordingly or just copy paste the given sample texts.

For every 10th person who does this, I'll do a random draw of 10k gold :o

For a little EXTRA cash, every time you world chat my URLs, '' and' and give me a screenshot of the wc, I'll give you 500g extra each time, Can only do it 5 times more and only once in an hour to keep it fair and non spammy. You can do all in one day, or one wc each day, or one wc every 2-3 hour.  Entirely up to you.