Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

From the Delhi rape case, to the orphaned children in wars, let's hope and pray that the coming year can be free of all that threatens the entire humankind.
Live and let live.
Let's make this new year a better one from the last.
Wishing you all a wonderful year to come.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Romantic Song Contest!

Ran into on of my old most favorite songs today on youtube, thought I'd share then I thought of a new contest :D follow this example and find a video from your favorite romantic movie, post the video link in comment to this post, and describe a bit about why the song/movie/video is special to you ^-^ The prizes will be random and chosen on how I like the song/movie :3
You can also dedicate your song to someone you love and I'll post the top dedications on world chat on Christmas ^-^
Video :

Movie : Pretty Woman (1990) Julia Roberts, Richard Gere.
I loved this movie so endlessly a lot, watched it over and over and couldn't get enough of it. The song and Roxette's voice and how it was put together was just amazing, truly one of the best romantic movies to date.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Essence Making, a Detailed How To~

A lot of my inductees who're new to game or returners, don't know much about Essence Crafting, I noticed some people in alliance were confused about it too, so here's a a detailed guide on what to do and how to do ^-^

First of you need Affinity Beads and a lot of them. (Detailed guide on how to get maximum beads each day later :3)
Then, depending on how rich or broke you are, you need Gold leaves that comes from Shady Dealer in sunstream, 1 gold = 1 Gold Leaf.
Then you need Arcane Bullions to buy recipes to craft Essences. Crafting Essences help you up your crafting lvl as well, so like if you have lvl 1 Crafting, by the time you finish making a Virgo Essence, you'll have lvl 4 crafting, that also depends on if you're doing it the fast and expensive or the cheap and harder way.

I found a nice calculated list of essence making on the Official JD Forums, I'll copy it here, made by, LegacyCode from Shura server.

About the recipes,

Recipe Costs:

Aries.........x2...Arcane Bullion
Taurus........x2...Arcane Bullion
Gemini........x2...Arcane Bullion
Cancer........x2...Arcane Bullion
Leo...........x2...Arcane Bullion
Virgo.........x2...Arcane Bullion
Libra.........x2...Arcane Bullion
Scorpio.......x2...Arcane Bullion
Sagittarius...x2...Arcane Bullion
Capricorn.....x10..Arcane Bullion
Aquarius......x20..Arcane Bullion
Pisces........x50..Arcane Bullion

 Type of Essences:

The Open star Green Essence is for PvE, mostly good for botting and and non PvP stuff, Can be used for PvP too but since it doesn't have skill Evasion or Accuracy that might put you on the downside a bit.

The Breezemark NPC next to Elder of Arcane in Jadeon sells the recipe and the basic essences.

 The Closed star Blue one is the PvP Essence, it lacks the additional Attack % up but it gives you Crit rate and Skill Accuracy and Evasion, good for being in wars or BG PvP.

The recipes and basic essences are at Lunarshade on side of Elder of Arcanes.

The requirements for the essences are same for both types.

The Cost of Making The Essence:

Now we come to the dreaded part of making the actual thing.
Here's the table from LegacyCode from Shura server.

 # - Zodiac Essence


Zodiac - 3g + 30 Affinity


 # - Aries Essence

Zodiac - 9g + 90 Affinity


 # - Taurus Essence


 Zodiac - 27g + 270 Affinity


 # - Gemini Essence

Zodiac - 81g + 810 Affinity


 # - Cancer Essence

Zodiac - 243g + 2430 Affinity Cancer - 300g + 2500 Affinity

# - Leo Essence

Zodiac - 729g + 7290 Affinity Cancer - 900g + 7500 Affinity


# - Virgo Essence
Zodiac - 2187g + 21870 Affinity Cancer - 2700g + 22500 Affinity


# - Libra Essence

 Zodiac - 6561g + 65610 Affinity Cancer - 8100g + 67500 Affinity

# - Scorpio Essence
Zodiac - 19683g + 196830 Affinity Cancer - 24300g + 202500 Affinity

# - Sagittarius Essence

 Zodiac - 59049g + 590490 Affinity Cancer - 72900g + 607500 Affinity


 # - Capricorn Essence

Zodiac - 177147g + 1771470 Affinity Cancer - 218700g + 1822500 Affinity

# - Aquarius Essence


Zodiac - 531441g + 5314410 Affinity Cancer - 656100g + 5467500 Affinity

# - Pisces Essence


Zodiac - 1594323g + 15943230 Affinity Cancer - 1968300g + 16402500 Affinity

I left everything in this table as it was, as you can see, the cost when you craft essence with the basic zodiac, is way cheaper than making it from cancer or libra, I personally recommend using the zodiac since it helps you mastering Life skills as well, not to mention, you get a TON of Rubies that you can exchange for Skill Accuracy and Evasion Imbuning Talismans ^-^

Also, when you make the Virgo and Libra Essence, equip them once to get the Achievement ^^

For now this is it hope this helps and enjoy getting your essences up ^-^ Leave me a comment if you have any questions ^^

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winners for the Couple Screenshot Contest!

I had an amazing time with this contest, lots of beautiful entries and lots of interesting people ^-^ I made some good new friends too :)

We had a hard time selecting the winners since there were so many beautiful entries, But the top place winner was hands down chosen by me and Gchaos instantly, so without further wait... the winner of our Couple Screenshot Contest is....
I don't know HOW the hell you got this effect but damn it's too lovely to even put on the judging scale xD it went first place the second I saw it lol same for Gchaos xD Congrats you win our top prize of 5 Silver VIP cards!

Second Place goes toooooo...

HiiFiive & RyuX  Grats Noob and her Hubby >.> U both win slaps form me ^-^
and they share a TIE with~

Sunthrii and \Yami/ ! yay love you Yami ^-^ this was one heck of a creative pic! I love the way the sin orb goes between the horns of mount like its part of the mount and how the lights and shadows made the mount look like it's purple-pinkish instead of white. You get the G12 Pet ^-^

Third place goes toooooo~

4everthe1 & KitsunHime ! I love the Simplicity and the light shadow blends together and how it's got the Wushu Spirit surrounding them :) Grats you win the Grace of Heaven Recipe ^-^

also Tied at the 3rd place is...
InLove and Bunnieh! I personally fell in love with this pic, it's lovely in colours, I love the contrasts, and I love the whole fairy tale look to it, him giving her his hand and she taking it shyly~ lovely <3 You win the Insight of Heaven Recipe and as a special prize I'll be turning this image into a very lovely personalized wallpaper ^-^

4th Place goes to....

ICobraMain and Raelynn! Loved the blend in with the location and fashion with the mount, it just came together so perfectly nice ^-^ You win the MakeoverBox and a Smiley Set  ^-^ (yay for two tailed arden :P?)

Shared with....

Katro and sandycandy! Grats guys for having the MOST Unique picture in the entire contest xD You win 5 Jaden :)

5th Place goes toooooo

hanazona and \ALPHA/ ! I love this pic! the whole Frozen world look was beautiful, the simplicity and the gray skies and your fashions all blend in with the snow so perfectly nice <3 you win a set of Lunar Case and Starry Case ^-^

6th Place goes toooooo

Berenice and SniperWolf! Soooo cute ^-^ !!! That's my favorite pet in all JD Lol! You win an Illusion Spirit and a set of smilies of your choice ^-^

shared with....

KittyOP and raigun! I love the whole scenery view and the soft light ^-^ You win an Illusion Spirit and Set of Smilies ^-^

Other consolation prizes goes to the other Participants who entered :) contact me in game for your prizes ^-^
Thank You EVERYONE for participating in this contest and I hope you'll all come again when I hold the next one ^-^

Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter so you can be first to see when I post something here on my blog ^-^ keep in touch keep updated <3

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Contests Page!

Here I'll post all contests ongoing and those previously held ^-^ hopefully I'll get more organized as I go *-*

Summer Contest~Ideas? (Ongoing as of May 16th 2014)

Couples Screenshot Contest (Over. Winners will be announced on site.)

Ultimate Alli Smilies Contest! (Over. Was held back in September and was a lot of fun ^-^)

Ultimate Alli Christmas Wishlist (Over. was a special contest for christmas, in the end everyone won ^-^)

Couple Screenshot Contest :D

On special request from several people, the contest is extended till next Sunday :)

I'll be holding a Screenshot contest for 'couples only'!

Example :)
How to enter:

1. Take a nice screenie with your bf/hubby.
2. Upload to or or something like that and post the link in the comment of this post.
3. I'll be taking 2-3 entries per couple so choose wisely.
4. Yes there can be multiple winners :D!
5. (MUST DO) Subscribe to my 'Feedburner Feed' (Left) and Follow on Google (Left)/Networked blogs(Right) :) add your name from which you followed in the comment along with your pics. (You do NOT Qualify if you don't subscribe/Follow)


1. NO Copying! if someone posted the same location pic (like on top of sunstream pagoda) you cannot take another picture on the exact same spot.
2. No reserving spots! If they reached there first and got the spot to take pics, hey better luck next time!
3. I get to pick what I like, the more creative the better ^-^
4. No photoshopping! That's my job :P but seriously take screenies as naturally as you can ^-^

Will be cash (in game), jaden, or items ^-^

Top Prize: 5 Silver VIP Packs.
Other Prizes include:
Grace of Heaven Ring Recipie.
Grade 12 Pets.
Illusion Spirit.
Set of Lunar+Starry Case.
Set of Tiger+Turtoil Ice.
Set of Smilies of your Choice.
5 Jaden.
Makeover Box.

Will add more prizes as more people participate.

On that note go go go people ^-^

Contest closes on Sunday! Winners will be announced by Tuesday when they will be given prizes in world chat ^-^

Monday, November 12, 2012

Master Diciple Quest and Detailed Guide

Any level 105 character can be a master of any lvl 75 and under character, being a disciple has many advantages, you get free pots every hour or less (depending on your master's skill level.) and you can do several quests that gives a total of 160 Taichi pills daily (things that give you experience).
Never, however, get the quest Betrayal unless you have a rotten master because it will make you leave your master.

Here are some quests you can do:

(the below will be turned into links)

Feast of Immortals.
Master Diciple/Master's Favour.
Gift (One time only just talk to the npc Tao Danush for taichi pills.)

My Diciples get level 8 pots, attack buff, and continuous guidance.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vile Spirit/ Faction Diciples

So, Viles or Diciple quest is a daily quest that starts at 19:00 Server time and lasts for as long as the vile spirits don't end on every server.

How to do it:
Go to Tanis Ka in Sunstream.
Infront of Toni there will be a Faction Diciple.
The realms for it is random so you have to hop/swap realms to find your Faction's Diciple ( and yes they skip different factions often, Rayan Mage and Forta suffer most).
Talk to your faction Diciple.
Port to where he takes you (Kunlun Wonderland Fair Area).
Join a party (just yell "need a party for viles").
Help kill the Vile Spirit with your party leader, using assist attack with no skills unless you have high skill accuracy is best.
Jump off from the edge once your quest is done.
Go back to the Faction Diciple and turn in and redo.

Tips and Manners :

You can do this 3 times a day.

IF you get stuck when you spawn there, having a male/multi-ride carry you, or using town portal helps.
If you didn't get to finish before you had to town port or fell off by accident, the quest is trashable and you can reget so no problem. An alternate option is going to realm 15 and going back through the fairground area.

Always 'ask' nicely to join party don't just start ksing people.

Party leaders should always 'pass' lead instead of disbanding party, it's rude to disband if only you are done and messing up everyone else's kill.

Avoid using AOE attacks, the viles are limited, let there be for other people as well.

When you're done all three times, leave party so someone else who needs can get in.

It's VERY rude to afk during viles in a party and leech. Also it's rude to set esper on and afk especially if you're a high level ascended because you'll kill all viles and people who need would be left out.

Avoid swearing at people if you didn't get a party, politeness goes a long way (trust me), try hopping to a different realm, best option is going to a faction's realm that has 2-3 realms like Balo realm 2-5-15-9.

Hope this guide helps people who don't know how to yet :)

I've put up a list of vile realms on the side bar that I will try to update Daily, it's 5 AM for me when it's Viles time so there might be times I miss too but I will try my best to update it everyday ^^ I'll add a date on the bottom so people know if it was updated or not ^-^

Thank you for reading, leave a comment/subscribe if you like ^-^

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Imperial Box Code - What is inside the Fortune Pack ^^

So since I missed out on it I had to buy it xD (Thank you SpankMeBoy for selling and not scamming).

I got spammed for "WHAT IS IT!!!" This is what it has :)

They gave out a special code that was restricted to 1 code per IP, just 1000 codes for ALL servers that means Billows, Shura Doom Bog and ALL the servers shared the same site. So obviously, it got spammed and was gone within an hour or so, but there are still people thankfully selling the codes so if you missed out of it you can still get I think :)

When you initially retrieve the code you get : 

1. Fortune Pack.
2. Tommy Tiger Smiley Coupon.
3. 1 Telegem.

The Fortune pack like the Treasure Chest opens at different levels.

Lvl 0:
Chimera Aomo (Blue Dragon Mount 15 day duration).
JD Gift Pack (the thing that keeps opening).
Dragon's Soar Title.
Tyche Fashion Voucher (permanent rare as hell fashion ONLY 1 thousand all over JD all servers not just Billows).

Lvl 1: 
1 JD Gift Pack (this will keep repeating till it runs out).
1 Mount Scroll (your choice of temp mount ' Flora Messenger, Hornclop, Alabaster Spirit, Aohu Dragon Chimera Aomo).
1Smiley Scroll (your choice of smiley 'Cunning Fox, Baby Smilies, Lil' Mon, Burning Love, Tommy Tiger').
999 Special Health Orb.
1 Tiger Ice.
1 Turtle Ice.
5 Portal Scrolls.

Lvl 15:
1 JD Gift Pack.
1 Heavenwear Scroll (choice of temp Fashions 'Kirin Suit, Lavender Suit, Maplecharm/Plume Crest, Night Blade, Dreamlord/Petal').
1 Celemiracle Dew (200k HP Battery).
1 Celewonder Bean (100k SP Battery).
50 Universal Coin.
1 Pearl Grape.
5 Rice Paper.

Lvl 30:
1 JD Gift Pack
1 Cute Pet Scroll/ 1 G18 Pet License ( choice of G18 Pet 'Cloud Tiger, Checkers!, Aissy Bear, Genghis Kong, Christmas Snowman').
1 Astrolabe.
5 Portal Scrolls.
2 Kylin Orbs.
999 Refined Remedy Orbs.
999 Refined Spirit Potions.

Lvl 40 or 50 (missed to check >.>):
1 JD Gift Pack
1 Flyer Relic Essence ( Choice of skyblades 'Jaden Shock, Murasaki Essence, Chromatic Plume, Fire Phoenix').
1 Celemiracle Dew (200k HP Battery).
1 Celewonder Bean (100k SP Battery).
999 Perfect Remedy Orbs.
999 Perfect Spirit Potions.
1 Pearl Grape.
5 Rice Paper.

Lvl 60:
1 JD Gift Pack.
1 Mask Scroll (choice of masks ' Birdwing, Glutron, Assasin) .
1 Bonus Jaden Ticket 5 (5 Bonus Jaden)
1 Tiger Ice.
1 Turtle Ice.
5 Portal Scrolls.
2 Kylin Orbs.
1 Revival Potion (500k HP Battery).

Lvl 75:
1 JD Gift Pack.
1 Heavenwear Scroll (choice of temp Fashions 'Kirin Suit, Lavender Suit, Maplecharm/Plume Crest, Night Blade, Dreamlord/Petal').
1 Astrolabe Recharger.
5 Tiamat Blood.
5 Arcane Bulllion.
1 Pearl Grape.
999 Perfect Remedy Orbs.
999 Perfect Spirit Potions.

Lvl 90:
1 JD Gift Pack.
1 Mount Scroll (your choice of temp mount ' Flora Messenger, Hornclop, Alabaster Spirit, Aohu Dragon Chimera Aomo)
999 Perfect Remedy Orbs.
999 Perfect Spirit Potions.
1 Silver VIP Pack ( I went O.O! on this)
Reviviscence Dew (500k SP Batt)
1 Bonus Jaden Pack (10 Bonus Jaden (yay getting closer to my Kirin Sigil xD)
5 Rice Paper.

Lvl 105:
1 JD Gift Pack.
1 Flyer Relic Essence ( Choice of skyblades 'Jaden Shock, Murasaki Essence, Chromatic Plume, Fire Phoenix').
1 Pearl Grape.
999 Perfect Remedy Orbs.
999 Perfect Spirit Potions.
1 Meditation Orb.
50 Universal Coins.
5 Telepathy Gems (yay more wc spam >.>)

Lvl 120:
1 JD Gift Pack
1 Cute Pet Scroll/ 1 G18 Pet License ( choice of G18 Pet 'Cloud Tiger, Checkers!, Aissy Bear, Genghis Kong, Christmas Snowman').
1 Tiger Ice.
1 Turtle Ice.
5 Portal Scrolls.
999 Perfect Remedy Orbs.
999 Perfect Spirit Potions.
2 Kylin Orbs.
1 Bonus Jaden Ticket. (15 Bonus Jaden).

Lvl 135:
5 Telepathy Gems
1 Mount Scroll (your choice of temp mount ' Flora Messenger, Hornclop, Alabaster Spirit, Aohu Dragon Chimera Aomo)
999 Perfect Remedy Orbs.
999 Perfect Spirit Potions.
1 Heart of The Moon.
1 Meditation Orb.
5 Arcane Bullions.
1 Pearl Grape.

All in all I think it was a great deal for 50k considering the fashion is rare and limited edition and I got a Heart of Moon Bonus Jaden AND a Silver VIP lol xD Thanks for reading leave comments :D

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TDred Tdon and Tdinh~ the scam list continues :3

(This post will be constantly updated so if you have any input, screeshots or anything else reply in comment section and get in touch with me I will add it here and give you credit. The GMs will be viewing this post so it's best they have full proofs of everything for a permanant ban ^-^ )

So, recently this person TDred has be high on scamming for refining and scamming with his calssic "send me gold I'll double it" scam. When I attempted to save people from his scams he turned on me and started this thread :

TDred's New Scam

The poor fool can't even spell my char name properly *shakes head*
I demand a PERMA IP ban for impersonating me. That is pure harassment and a full blown scam which he had the stupidity of doing right on forums where anyone can screenshot and save for future reference. 

The top forum post has been moved to the GM section for reviewing! Yay for everyone who supported us ^-^ New drama look at this
Me being from FairLaw

Cause apparently the dork TDred didn't even know what alliance I was from so he started making drama about FairLaw cause he thought I was in that alliance xD epic fail lol.

Next isssssss found from old forums :3

TDred PET SCAM! Saying he will give a G18 pet to anyone who mails him 10k, then mailing pet to his alt and world chatting a thank you for the pet, then using a pet soul on it and again trying the same scam~ Good going.

Next one the CLASSIC!

Refine Scam! <-- Cause he thinks there's a 'logical' 'mathematical' method of refining to +8 and +9 and he himself doesn't have all +9 gears lol xD people who usually refine scam at least have +9 gears to show for it stupid.

And looooook what we found in the OLD thread! TDread giving scamming lessons :3

TDred and his Scamming lessons, Admitting he's a scammer~

Dude really how stupid can u get?

And Last but not the least~


How STUPID can u get!

Thanks to GrendeI and Chanchad for finding the post where he was trying to use my name for scamming.

Thanks to ChloeT for helping me find relevant threads where we see more examples of his scams :3

Thanks to the JD community for pointing his stupidness out in the forums so we can be aware.

Thanks GrendeI for pointing out the Tdone profile for his Core Connect.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Metaphysician Quests ~ A Complete Guide.

Metaphysician is in every town starting from Skysong till Shura where it turns into Telepathist Mim.

This is how you do it.

1. You give the Metaphysician a certain amount of money (depends on your map level).
2. He gives you a quest to kill a certain amount of mobs (again depends on map the quantity of the mobs to be killed).
3. You come back and turn in quest.
4. You get some exp and a Treasure Charm.
5. You click on the charm and you get a quest to open a chest somewhere in the map.
6. You go to the chest location and open it.
7. You either Spawn a Gilhook (Soldior in Shura) or Get exp gold or items usually Esper and pet related.

Now what I do, to make it less annoying when you have to run all over to open chests, I collect all 20 Charms a day. Then I open charms till I get quests for all possible chests. Then I open one chest, when the chest is opened, I click another charm and spam click it till it gives me the same chest quest again, it will say that you already have the quest. Ignore it. Keep clicking and you will get the same chest, it re-spawns fairly quickly so while you're clicking charms it should already have spawned. Keep doing this over and over till all your charms finish. Then clear up the rest of the chests left in your quest log :).

The Gilhooks from Skysong till Wildlands give alliance power beads that you can sell or donate towards your alliance. from IV till Shura you get a lot of exp from the Gilhooks and Soldiors.
In some Maps there's a special Gilhook of Antiquity which I personally haven't ever killed so don't have much info on. Any info would be appreciated.

Here's a list of Items you get from chests most usually with (current) price help:

Treasure Bowl - Usually 30-40g (I buy for 30-35 if you wanna sell)
Treasure Urn - 150-200g (used for getting esper tome/acc)
Kylin Orb - 70-80g
Best Dragon Skin - 100-190g
Wongzo Grape - 8-9g (better off using it)
Arcane Coin - 45-70g (I'm always buying for 45g if anyone selling)
Yin-Yang Flag - 1g (Low lvl esper medium no one really buys but u can try selling)
Talisman of Craft  - 1g-75s
Honor Gem - 20-25g
Best Blood Wine - 2-5g (same low lvl medium no one really buys)
Cloudmist Prime - Esper energy, it's a stupidly tiny amount you're better off using it)
Refinery Talismans - 20s-1g
Random 2g
Random lot of Experience when you summon Gilhook.

Here are the Locations for the Chests and for some maps also for the Gilhook Spawns.
I'm working on making full spawn location images but I'm missing Incence Valley spawn spots at the moment and some in Kunlun which I will update when I get ^^.

Wood Flare Chest : ( -183, 177 ).
Metal Flare Chest : ( -283, 141 ).
Earth Flare Chest : ( 31, 21 ).
Fire Flare Chest : ( 193, -108 ).
Lotus Flare Chest : ( 224, -231 ).
Chromatic Chest : ( -143, 396 ).

Water Flare Chest : ( 351, 230 ).
Wind Chest : ( 347, 104 ).
Rain Chest : ( 258, -69 ).
Mind Core Chest : ( 81, -260 ).
Shadow Chest : ( -98, -321 ).

Cloudfall Chest : ( -98, 320 ).
Stealth Dragon Chest : ( 238, 77 ).
Cloaked Dragon Chest : ( 188, -61 ).
Sunken Dragon Chest : ( -171, -139 ).
Hidden Dragon Chest : ( -148, -256 ).

Drakefang Chest : ( -152, -318 ).
Sundown Chest : ( -118, -104 ).
Morning Star Chest : ( -42, -216 ).
Desert Chest : ( -189, 63 ).
Illusion Chest : ( -56, 253 ).

[Image Coming soon]

Afterglow Chest : ( 11, 306 )
Daybreak Chest : ( 235, 34 )
Genesis Chest : ( 205, -260 )
Violet Mist Chest : ( 3, -298 )
Verdant Vine Chest : (-307, -71)

Kian Wizard : ( 183, 241 )
Jeh Wizard : ( 259, 164 )
Loh Wizard : ( -233, -104 )
Gian Wizard : ( 64, -168 )
Herb Spirit Chest : ( -372, 23 )
Dawnmist Chest : ( -324, 302 )

[Image Coming soon] 
Vacuity Chest : ( -373, 282 )
Reality Chest : ( 18, 379 )
Clarity Chest : ( -172, 62 )
Ocean Spirit Chest : ( 31, -321 )
Radiance Chest : ( 384, -86 )

[Image Coming soon]
Seal of Earthquake : ( -346 -145 )
Seal of Glacier : ( 339 -107 )
Seal of Inferno : ( 116 -216 )
Seal of Lightning : ( -61 -194 )
Seal of Justice : ( 113 82 )

Money Making Quests ~ How to make the Most of.

Okay so here, I will list all the money making ways that I can find especially for my inductees and alliance members :D If you have questions you can ask in the alliance or comment here and ask :)

Metaphysician Quests. (Guide up)

Viles Event.(Guide up)


Free Lunch.

(These will be turned into links and you will be able to click them when I put the pages up ^^ )

Monday, October 1, 2012

JD Fashion Show~Part 1~ Celans~ We can Look Hot too!

So I was walking in sunstream and I see a Celan from a distance looking awesomely hot. I go and check and see it's Maelick :P and then I saw his fashion up close and wow! Looked more like a cool pirate than a gay flowery Celan xD here are some pics :3

That's the Celan can look Sexy too! featuring Maelick :) If you want to be featured on my blog pm me in game and impress me with your unique fashion sense :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Ultimate Alli Smilies Contest :D

Soooo, we're going to be holding a Smilies contest right before viles that's in about 25 mins xD
Rules: One time one person only! Unless u want to win for someone else xD

How to do it:
I'll ask a question in World Chat, you reply. First to reply wins a smiley from me :D
Also, Post your

Clan Name:
Level (Asc/Pre):
Online time (server time):

in reply to this post ^^ and also which smiley you would prefer to get out of : Tommy Tiger, Smiling Simian, Kunlun Zoo, Cunning Fox, Smiling Puss.

Yup that's all :D!

So go go!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

xOMiakaOx ~ As an Inductor :)

First of all my Code >  8230802X031802088004634Z3feda1  <

Ok so we've come to this point then you have read the detail about HOW and WHY to get inducted right? if not then go ahead and read Right Here :3

Next, Why be my inductee? Because when you're inducted to me, I actually take care of you ^^ I have a long list of Inductees, some even ascended and Tier 5 now.
Depending on your activeness, I Disciple you, take you in my alliance Ultimate, one of the nicest Alliances in The Billows server (USA East). Then I Power level you and help you with your gears (Have to be around my timings to do that however.). Or one of my other high lvl inductees will plvl (Power Level) you. After that I help you with other quests and other things you may need to learn or know before you start the game ^^

When you get 75-105-135, I'll help on Tier quest or get you someone to help with it.

Update: I now plvl Inductess uptil T5 Pre Acend. if there isn't a Grind Event going on.

Depending on your activeness level, I'll buy you espers and other things as well. Remember, the more active you are the more you gain from me, a very fast lvling jaden charging inductee of mine got his grade 18 Pet from me. Another got a really nice esper from me. Another I helped with his ascended gears.

A very usual gift from me for inductees is pets. I almost always get my inductees pets when they hit 105. The grade and the type of pet depends on the activeness of the inductee and how much they have communicated with me.

I help my inductees with teaching them how to make in-game cash so if in the long run I'm not there they won't ever be broke.

I teach them how to do fair and other quests so they level faster.

If you have me on Skype or RaidCall, I can help even more cause then you can catch me out of game too ^^
Easiest way of contacting me is in game mail or leave a reply to this post of mine ^-^

[Adding this special note after a few of inductees misunderstanding, I do NOT compulsorily make ascended +8 gears. They're hard to make and cost a lot. If I'm your inductor it doesn't mean I'm your baby sitter. I'm here to help with things, not spoon feed everything to you. Learn to manage yourself as well like me and everyone who didn't have an inductor did in the start. I'll help you with stuff that I can. Pestering me and asking me again and again for the same thing doesn't put you in my good books and further makes me less inclined to do things for you.]

As for proof if I'm a good inductor or not these people below can be contacted any given time :D


and several others more :P

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Induction, Who What How Why?!?

Gchaos: Dagos Lupin level 149 Ascended. (Induction page coming soon)

xOMiakaOx: Fuwa Skysong 156 Ascended. (Click link to go to page for Code)

Okay, first thing you need to know about induction is that it's profit for BOTH the inductee and the inductor, IF you have a good inductor the help, guidance, and the relationship you have with them gets that much better, if you have a bad inductor they toss you aside after the initial power level and then you're wandering on your own wondering what to do and at level 105 asking people "Can you tell me where is Tanis Ka?" or even better, at 95 running around in Jadeon killing monkies thinking that is your level mob.

Induction, also gives you a treasure chest that's different from your usual beginner Treasure Chest, being called a Barocade Box, this comes with a Jade Sigil that you otherwise have to spend 90+$ just to make in game, and you BADLY need when you Ascend.

Your Inductor usually, not always, but usually, helps with your gears as well, refined gears +5 +6 or +7.

If you're new and you need help with various quests like The Cursed, or the Tier quests, your inductor mostly helps with that too. Even better if your inductor is a level 10 Crafter cause then you can get Blue and White stones for your Tier 4 from your Inductor for free.

 Usually Inductors power level to level 75. Some go to level 90. And some power level after you ascend in their affinity lands as well (you have to have a same affinity as your inductor or they can arrange for someone to power level you).

Now HOW to get inducted? You have to make a NEW account (Don't panic it's 100% worth it even if you're a level 100 char as long as you're not 140+ you can just keep your Tier 5 char for gold making and etc if you want to start over as inducted.).

 Then go to  Create a Char you use your inductor's code on the part where you go to character creation the section where you choose your hair and eyes and face. Look in the lower corner and and you'll see something like that -> input the code you got from your inductor to where Bound is written in this image. Then finish making your char. That's all. Now your inductor should be plvling (power leveling) you and you can go back to your own happy little char. Just better :P

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gallery (for now)

I might add my old version of a gallery again later when I make it xD till then this will be it :)
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Wallpapers & Gallery

So Jade Dynasty had a Wallpaper Contest on the forums, I ended up making a whole batch of wallpapers even after the date passed, guess I needed the boost to work on my designing again ^^ gonna add a gallery soon here ^^ hopefully, from here on I'll be able to do more with this blog.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Elder Affinity Bot Spots

So, lately I noticed there's been a rapid increase in people botting in Kunlun Wonderland/Affinity areas, especially the Affinity areas, worse part is that people ksing then killing each other when unable to ks over bot spots in pvp realms.
Easy way to be botting peacefully that devs add more spots or increase mob counts, but since that isn't happening anytime soon (if ever), we should cooperate and and keep to our own lvl mobs, 125+ can stay at the Ginja mobs, they are hard enough for that lvl, or go to the Mirrors or Alabaster Spirits, 135+ can bot at same Alabaster and Mirrors, they have several spots. Lvl 14x can bot at the Immortals on the higher lvls, that can go on till 148 ascended after which the mobs turn green for them so they have no choice but to move to the Affinity mob area, so if everyone cooperates would be a great way to avoid ksing and killing.

I'll post a detailed guide on lvl wise bot spots later :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Happens When People KS Ultimate Members ^^

Sooooo, I'm going around minding my business and botting in the affinity area in R12, then suddenly, WHAM! TheOnlyFor, the alt of XWolfGirlX/JadeonTear (an Egyptian GUY btw), comes and starts ksing me! I'm like O.O! I tell him nicely, "yo wolf find a different realm", no reply, and I notice she's in FailLaw (FairLaw) alli. I world chat for the alli leader to keep their members in control (since my alli members never ks and get booted if they start ksing random people). MayLay wced back that they can't even keep their members in control :o sooooo, I guessed it's time to take matters into my own hand, soooo my brave warriors iCobraMonk and DefilerEN come up and since it's a PvP realm they pretty much one shotted him :O! like so cool huh xD

When people Mess with Ultimate we smash em to the ground and sit on them "says iCobraMonk and DefilerEN as last reported"
Here's the screenie for everyone to enjoy :D  See when you're in Ultimate, if it's possible in anyways, we always got your back <3

Relauch and a New Look ^-^

So, started working on the blog again ^^ now it's got a new layout, new tabs, new name even :D gonna be spending time on this so look forward to new changes ^-^