Wednesday, October 17, 2012

TDred Tdon and Tdinh~ the scam list continues :3

(This post will be constantly updated so if you have any input, screeshots or anything else reply in comment section and get in touch with me I will add it here and give you credit. The GMs will be viewing this post so it's best they have full proofs of everything for a permanant ban ^-^ )

So, recently this person TDred has be high on scamming for refining and scamming with his calssic "send me gold I'll double it" scam. When I attempted to save people from his scams he turned on me and started this thread :

TDred's New Scam

The poor fool can't even spell my char name properly *shakes head*
I demand a PERMA IP ban for impersonating me. That is pure harassment and a full blown scam which he had the stupidity of doing right on forums where anyone can screenshot and save for future reference. 

The top forum post has been moved to the GM section for reviewing! Yay for everyone who supported us ^-^ New drama look at this
Me being from FairLaw

Cause apparently the dork TDred didn't even know what alliance I was from so he started making drama about FairLaw cause he thought I was in that alliance xD epic fail lol.

Next isssssss found from old forums :3

TDred PET SCAM! Saying he will give a G18 pet to anyone who mails him 10k, then mailing pet to his alt and world chatting a thank you for the pet, then using a pet soul on it and again trying the same scam~ Good going.

Next one the CLASSIC!

Refine Scam! <-- Cause he thinks there's a 'logical' 'mathematical' method of refining to +8 and +9 and he himself doesn't have all +9 gears lol xD people who usually refine scam at least have +9 gears to show for it stupid.

And looooook what we found in the OLD thread! TDread giving scamming lessons :3

TDred and his Scamming lessons, Admitting he's a scammer~

Dude really how stupid can u get?

And Last but not the least~


How STUPID can u get!

Thanks to GrendeI and Chanchad for finding the post where he was trying to use my name for scamming.

Thanks to ChloeT for helping me find relevant threads where we see more examples of his scams :3

Thanks to the JD community for pointing his stupidness out in the forums so we can be aware.

Thanks GrendeI for pointing out the Tdone profile for his Core Connect.