Friday, November 15, 2013

Easy Gold :3 for FREE Items :D

IF you are an Incense Mage above lvl 75+ and have some honor you're in luck! Gchaos is buying lvl 4 honor gear which you get from your faction herald Yan Taila (Near Tanis Ka in Sunstream City) ! that's lvl 60 Male Mage gear (Lvl 4) and lvl 45 Female Mage gear (Lvl 3) Sets :3 10g each per piece! look up your Mage alts, look up your mains and get a few extra gold from something you didn't think was any use x3

We'll have this sort of offer for random gears time to time so keep checking back :3

Saturday, November 9, 2013

First Orison Instance in The Billows!

2013-11-08 !! First Orison Instance opened by Ultimate alliance ^-^

Here are the exclusive pictures :D

Thank you Remuri, Bunnieh, KingVT, jsrf, ColdWolf, epoHgniK, Unavaible, GNBlade, RavegeSoul, AbyssHell,  Alaztora. leeace, xXZeROoxX, Yunghsun, Cundry, Vanship, jacks, Kardashian, epoHgniK, Ryuuhei and everyone else who came to help ^^

Bunnieh opened :3

KingVT's Contribution

Entering View 

Boss about to Spawn!
Killing Starts of the Servant of Orison
Poor little Kid being abused x.x
Almost Dead!
Prizes time!!
There we go :D Exclusive pics ^-^ we started in a rush and didn't know what the heck we were supposed to do xD next time I'll make a video :3