Sunday, March 24, 2013

JD Give Away ~ Scythe Shade Pet

So since I saw a lot of people asking for the Scythe Shade Pet code and not ebough people knowing it I decided to make a post about it so everyone can have it ^-^

Go to : - AFTER logging into your account.

Enter this Code :  CRXEH1H

Select your server and the char you want the pet at, make sure you pick the right one since it's only 1 char per account.

And then get this pet xD

That's my noob modo with the Grade 19 Rayan Boss pet :3

Rayan Boss Pet - Scythe Shade with my modo

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Things for Sale (Updated Regularly)

I'll put up a list of things I have for sale and quantity on here so when someone needs something they can check here and see if I got it ^-^ no matter how big or small ^-^ You can offer trades or leave offers here as well :)

If there's some specific item you're looking for you can ask me here and I'll find it for you as fast as I can ^-^

I'm also, from now on, putting up an 'cheaper method for all payments' option up. Depending on the item you're buying, you can get up to 10% discount on original price if you pay with that. For more info add me on...

Skype : o0Miaka0o (copy paste)
Line : atashinokoe 

My shop is always set (When I'm online) at Esper Mystic

Mounts :

Grand Caravan
Darkflame Pegasus
Scorpion Lord
Chimera Aomo (blue dragon)
Aohu the Dragon
Chromatic Moa

Any Beastsoul Orb Mount.

Espers : (will update)

Anan's Secret Set -
Death Wand Set Ascended  -
Dragon Mark Set -
Fan of Brad
Firmus - (have Acc)
Golden Gourd -
Gambler Cube
Lunar Brooch Set -
Noxious Cauldron Set
Ruby Pagoda
Soul Lantern
Soul Scepter + Asc Soul Scepter
Spiritrap Banner (Including a lvl 3 one)
Ying Yang Orbs  -

Almost all 135 Faction Espers

Wings : 

Murasaki Essence
Chromatic Plumes
Skyfall Wings
Icarus Wings
Phoenix Plumes
Cymbidium Wings

Skyblades : 
Nebula Lancet
Iron Draco
Onyx Fury
Astral Tridant
Jaden Shock
Sky Lance
Brilliant Zephyer (Epic. only one on server)

Sinister Orb
Gambler Cube

Sky Mounts : 

Butterfly Shadow
Frost Cutter
Fire Phoenix
Radiant Spirit

Pets and Pet Related: ( will update)

Full Pet List with Images

Menggu Relics

Dragon Dance Herbs

Dragon Fang Herbs

100 point Pet Jades : HP x15 - Defence x17 - Evasion x 5

Fashions : 


Lavender Suit Set
Cerulean Set x many
Fire Blossom Suit
Auspice Suit
Maplecharm Suit
Tiger Suit
Frost Lord, Lunar and Lavender extra Hat only


Purity Garments
Fire Blossom
Snowfox Set
Night Blade Set x5
Prismatic Lotus
Violet Ice Robe
Tigress Set
Anan (first one)
Bilu (first one)
Silken Jade

Other things :
Skytouch Jades 4700 Unbound

Serenity Jades

Sunny Jades x 9000 -

Green Welkin Jade x 30

Orison Fragments x 10k

Yuan Crystals Lvl 9 x 3

Wonderland Stones 12-13k Bound and 3.7k Unbound

Chi Enhancer x 10

Gold Sigil x2 (+7)
Silver Sigil x2 (+6)

Adv Orb Beads

a TON of Dyes

100k + Empyreal Crystals

Golden Letters

Twilight Jade

Gold/Silver/Rose VIP

Tiger/Turle Ices

Elemental Beads 100+ each probably.

Things I'm BUYING :

Nothing that I want to buy except good pets (Grade 12 +) and wings

JD Fashion Show !

Introducing the JD Fashion Show ^-^

I've had some previous JD Fashion Show posts which I will post here.

How do you get featured here? Well find me wearing something that catches the eye, could be a matching pet+mount combo, or a mount and fashion that looks uniquely made just for you, or simply anything that looks eye catching ^-^

JD Fashion Show Part 1 ~ Celans, We can look Hot too!

JD Fashion Show Part 2 ~ The Dark Nova!

JD Fashion Show Part 3 ~ The Sunstrider Fashion Sets

Useful Guides and Troubleshoots

I'll put all links for the different Quests and common every day things that people need help with and get lost about.

(If you want to be notified when I update these links just subscribe to my feedburner and follow me on google and networked blogs.)

Making Essence (PvP or PvE)

Botting Spots for Ascend People, the alternate to the usual Fuwa/Felkin/Dagos Lands.

Pet Problems (Will add later)

Gears (Will add later)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making a Soul Scepter Esper in Jade Dynasty!

My first JD video xD Making  a Soul Scepter by combining a Death Wand and Sin Orb by bloodsmelting with Demon Blood Essence ^-^ yay happy day xD

Sunday, March 3, 2013

JD Fashion Close Up~ The Dark Nova Fashion!

This time featuring Asabella and Azhazel as my special guest Models ^-^

I noticed Asabella in Trading realm running (My home) around with the Dark Nova with matching gold mask and Fuwa affinity circle xD and few seconds later I see Azhazel passing by her with same Fuwa circle in gold!

So I drag them both to Incence Valley to get them in the JD Fashion section :3

The Dark Nova Can be Acquired by chrarging 50 jaden while the Valentine's Rewards last ^-^ looks way cooler than the regular Nova~

As you can see it looks way perfect with the Glutton Mask :3

Thank you Asabella (Ultimate Alli) and Azhazel (SOLDIORS) for being my models ^-^

If you want to be featured as my next models catch me while wearing something that matches you perfectly well with your faction or on a matching Mount with pet or whatever hits my fancy :3