Thursday, November 6, 2014

Code Redeem~!

Yes! we have a new code for freebies in guys!


Redeem this to get free G18 temp pets and Taichi.

Free exp/pets get it while it's still working xD

Can be redeemed from the top corner of ARC and just go redeem them ^-^

Lil miss raccoon says Hi!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Look!

Ta-da! I changed the look of the site again!

Went with the Starry Night Gaia sort of theme, something like from Escaflowne (epic anime series. if you don't know what it is you should totally go look it up). The whole Mystic Moon, Angel Wings and the sort.

If there is any error on the scripts part or text is hard to read or anything like that please comment and let me know I'll rearrange it.

I found a new way of taking screenies so I'll be making a lot of wallpapers and beautiful images and graphics.

Aaaand Introducing Mini Miaka~! she'll be making an appearance every now and then ^-^

P.s. The image is SUPPOSED to be transparent not sure why it's showing up with white background, if anyone has a fix for it let me know please.

Also, made a favicon! 

JD Wallpaper - Skyfall Wings

Featuring the Skyfall Wings with the Maplecharm Fashion set, taken in Sunstrider Evening time.

I personally love this Wing fashion combo, the colours of the Skyfall match perfectly with the Maplecharm set as if it's a part of the set itself. You're free to download and use the image but please do give credit or link back to me if you post it anywhere ^-^

I might redo this Wallpaper in a deeper version later ^^ so come back and subscribe for updates ^-^