Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winners for the Couple Screenshot Contest!

I had an amazing time with this contest, lots of beautiful entries and lots of interesting people ^-^ I made some good new friends too :)

We had a hard time selecting the winners since there were so many beautiful entries, But the top place winner was hands down chosen by me and Gchaos instantly, so without further wait... the winner of our Couple Screenshot Contest is....
I don't know HOW the hell you got this effect but damn it's too lovely to even put on the judging scale xD it went first place the second I saw it lol same for Gchaos xD Congrats you win our top prize of 5 Silver VIP cards!

Second Place goes toooooo...

HiiFiive & RyuX  Grats Noob and her Hubby >.> U both win slaps form me ^-^
and they share a TIE with~

Sunthrii and \Yami/ ! yay love you Yami ^-^ this was one heck of a creative pic! I love the way the sin orb goes between the horns of mount like its part of the mount and how the lights and shadows made the mount look like it's purple-pinkish instead of white. You get the G12 Pet ^-^

Third place goes toooooo~

4everthe1 & KitsunHime ! I love the Simplicity and the light shadow blends together and how it's got the Wushu Spirit surrounding them :) Grats you win the Grace of Heaven Recipe ^-^

also Tied at the 3rd place is...
InLove and Bunnieh! I personally fell in love with this pic, it's lovely in colours, I love the contrasts, and I love the whole fairy tale look to it, him giving her his hand and she taking it shyly~ lovely <3 You win the Insight of Heaven Recipe and as a special prize I'll be turning this image into a very lovely personalized wallpaper ^-^

4th Place goes to....

ICobraMain and Raelynn! Loved the blend in with the location and fashion with the mount, it just came together so perfectly nice ^-^ You win the MakeoverBox and a Smiley Set  ^-^ (yay for two tailed arden :P?)

Shared with....

Katro and sandycandy! Grats guys for having the MOST Unique picture in the entire contest xD You win 5 Jaden :)

5th Place goes toooooo

hanazona and \ALPHA/ ! I love this pic! the whole Frozen world look was beautiful, the simplicity and the gray skies and your fashions all blend in with the snow so perfectly nice <3 you win a set of Lunar Case and Starry Case ^-^

6th Place goes toooooo

Berenice and SniperWolf! Soooo cute ^-^ !!! That's my favorite pet in all JD Lol! You win an Illusion Spirit and a set of smilies of your choice ^-^

shared with....

KittyOP and raigun! I love the whole scenery view and the soft light ^-^ You win an Illusion Spirit and Set of Smilies ^-^

Other consolation prizes goes to the other Participants who entered :) contact me in game for your prizes ^-^
Thank You EVERYONE for participating in this contest and I hope you'll all come again when I hold the next one ^-^

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Contests Page!

Here I'll post all contests ongoing and those previously held ^-^ hopefully I'll get more organized as I go *-*

Summer Contest~Ideas? (Ongoing as of May 16th 2014)

Couples Screenshot Contest (Over. Winners will be announced on site.)

Ultimate Alli Smilies Contest! (Over. Was held back in September and was a lot of fun ^-^)

Ultimate Alli Christmas Wishlist (Over. was a special contest for christmas, in the end everyone won ^-^)

Couple Screenshot Contest :D

On special request from several people, the contest is extended till next Sunday :)

I'll be holding a Screenshot contest for 'couples only'!

Example :)
How to enter:

1. Take a nice screenie with your bf/hubby.
2. Upload to or or something like that and post the link in the comment of this post.
3. I'll be taking 2-3 entries per couple so choose wisely.
4. Yes there can be multiple winners :D!
5. (MUST DO) Subscribe to my 'Feedburner Feed' (Left) and Follow on Google (Left)/Networked blogs(Right) :) add your name from which you followed in the comment along with your pics. (You do NOT Qualify if you don't subscribe/Follow)


1. NO Copying! if someone posted the same location pic (like on top of sunstream pagoda) you cannot take another picture on the exact same spot.
2. No reserving spots! If they reached there first and got the spot to take pics, hey better luck next time!
3. I get to pick what I like, the more creative the better ^-^
4. No photoshopping! That's my job :P but seriously take screenies as naturally as you can ^-^

Will be cash (in game), jaden, or items ^-^

Top Prize: 5 Silver VIP Packs.
Other Prizes include:
Grace of Heaven Ring Recipie.
Grade 12 Pets.
Illusion Spirit.
Set of Lunar+Starry Case.
Set of Tiger+Turtoil Ice.
Set of Smilies of your Choice.
5 Jaden.
Makeover Box.

Will add more prizes as more people participate.

On that note go go go people ^-^

Contest closes on Sunday! Winners will be announced by Tuesday when they will be given prizes in world chat ^-^

Monday, November 12, 2012

Master Diciple Quest and Detailed Guide

Any level 105 character can be a master of any lvl 75 and under character, being a disciple has many advantages, you get free pots every hour or less (depending on your master's skill level.) and you can do several quests that gives a total of 160 Taichi pills daily (things that give you experience).
Never, however, get the quest Betrayal unless you have a rotten master because it will make you leave your master.

Here are some quests you can do:

(the below will be turned into links)

Feast of Immortals.
Master Diciple/Master's Favour.
Gift (One time only just talk to the npc Tao Danush for taichi pills.)

My Diciples get level 8 pots, attack buff, and continuous guidance.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vile Spirit/ Faction Diciples

So, Viles or Diciple quest is a daily quest that starts at 19:00 Server time and lasts for as long as the vile spirits don't end on every server.

How to do it:
Go to Tanis Ka in Sunstream.
Infront of Toni there will be a Faction Diciple.
The realms for it is random so you have to hop/swap realms to find your Faction's Diciple ( and yes they skip different factions often, Rayan Mage and Forta suffer most).
Talk to your faction Diciple.
Port to where he takes you (Kunlun Wonderland Fair Area).
Join a party (just yell "need a party for viles").
Help kill the Vile Spirit with your party leader, using assist attack with no skills unless you have high skill accuracy is best.
Jump off from the edge once your quest is done.
Go back to the Faction Diciple and turn in and redo.

Tips and Manners :

You can do this 3 times a day.

IF you get stuck when you spawn there, having a male/multi-ride carry you, or using town portal helps.
If you didn't get to finish before you had to town port or fell off by accident, the quest is trashable and you can reget so no problem. An alternate option is going to realm 15 and going back through the fairground area.

Always 'ask' nicely to join party don't just start ksing people.

Party leaders should always 'pass' lead instead of disbanding party, it's rude to disband if only you are done and messing up everyone else's kill.

Avoid using AOE attacks, the viles are limited, let there be for other people as well.

When you're done all three times, leave party so someone else who needs can get in.

It's VERY rude to afk during viles in a party and leech. Also it's rude to set esper on and afk especially if you're a high level ascended because you'll kill all viles and people who need would be left out.

Avoid swearing at people if you didn't get a party, politeness goes a long way (trust me), try hopping to a different realm, best option is going to a faction's realm that has 2-3 realms like Balo realm 2-5-15-9.

Hope this guide helps people who don't know how to yet :)

I've put up a list of vile realms on the side bar that I will try to update Daily, it's 5 AM for me when it's Viles time so there might be times I miss too but I will try my best to update it everyday ^^ I'll add a date on the bottom so people know if it was updated or not ^-^

Thank you for reading, leave a comment/subscribe if you like ^-^