Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couple Screenshot Contest :D

On special request from several people, the contest is extended till next Sunday :)

I'll be holding a Screenshot contest for 'couples only'!

Example :)
How to enter:

1. Take a nice screenie with your bf/hubby.
2. Upload to or or something like that and post the link in the comment of this post.
3. I'll be taking 2-3 entries per couple so choose wisely.
4. Yes there can be multiple winners :D!
5. (MUST DO) Subscribe to my 'Feedburner Feed' (Left) and Follow on Google (Left)/Networked blogs(Right) :) add your name from which you followed in the comment along with your pics. (You do NOT Qualify if you don't subscribe/Follow)


1. NO Copying! if someone posted the same location pic (like on top of sunstream pagoda) you cannot take another picture on the exact same spot.
2. No reserving spots! If they reached there first and got the spot to take pics, hey better luck next time!
3. I get to pick what I like, the more creative the better ^-^
4. No photoshopping! That's my job :P but seriously take screenies as naturally as you can ^-^

Will be cash (in game), jaden, or items ^-^

Top Prize: 5 Silver VIP Packs.
Other Prizes include:
Grace of Heaven Ring Recipie.
Grade 12 Pets.
Illusion Spirit.
Set of Lunar+Starry Case.
Set of Tiger+Turtoil Ice.
Set of Smilies of your Choice.
5 Jaden.
Makeover Box.

Will add more prizes as more people participate.

On that note go go go people ^-^

Contest closes on Sunday! Winners will be announced by Tuesday when they will be given prizes in world chat ^-^