Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vile Spirit/ Faction Diciples

So, Viles or Diciple quest is a daily quest that starts at 19:00 Server time and lasts for as long as the vile spirits don't end on every server.

How to do it:
Go to Tanis Ka in Sunstream.
Infront of Toni there will be a Faction Diciple.
The realms for it is random so you have to hop/swap realms to find your Faction's Diciple ( and yes they skip different factions often, Rayan Mage and Forta suffer most).
Talk to your faction Diciple.
Port to where he takes you (Kunlun Wonderland Fair Area).
Join a party (just yell "need a party for viles").
Help kill the Vile Spirit with your party leader, using assist attack with no skills unless you have high skill accuracy is best.
Jump off from the edge once your quest is done.
Go back to the Faction Diciple and turn in and redo.

Tips and Manners :

You can do this 3 times a day.

IF you get stuck when you spawn there, having a male/multi-ride carry you, or using town portal helps.
If you didn't get to finish before you had to town port or fell off by accident, the quest is trashable and you can reget so no problem. An alternate option is going to realm 15 and going back through the fairground area.

Always 'ask' nicely to join party don't just start ksing people.

Party leaders should always 'pass' lead instead of disbanding party, it's rude to disband if only you are done and messing up everyone else's kill.

Avoid using AOE attacks, the viles are limited, let there be for other people as well.

When you're done all three times, leave party so someone else who needs can get in.

It's VERY rude to afk during viles in a party and leech. Also it's rude to set esper on and afk especially if you're a high level ascended because you'll kill all viles and people who need would be left out.

Avoid swearing at people if you didn't get a party, politeness goes a long way (trust me), try hopping to a different realm, best option is going to a faction's realm that has 2-3 realms like Balo realm 2-5-15-9.

Hope this guide helps people who don't know how to yet :)

I've put up a list of vile realms on the side bar that I will try to update Daily, it's 5 AM for me when it's Viles time so there might be times I miss too but I will try my best to update it everyday ^^ I'll add a date on the bottom so people know if it was updated or not ^-^

Thank you for reading, leave a comment/subscribe if you like ^-^