Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Inductee Milestones Contest!

Basically a contest like something o.o but not exactly, since it's a milestone more than contest :P

You level up a char under my ID (you can find it here) from 1-120 or 5 lvls from whatever lvl you are (120+) and you get a nice gift ^-^ The leveling will be done under the time I set which will be starting on this Saturday so you can have the weekend to do as much as you like with the char. :)
Get your chars ready and all set up!

I'll personally check your chars ON Saturday (the time will be random or someone will check for me if I'm not around) and then we'll track your progress within one week :D

You can do this Multiple times. If you get 10 level instead of 5 you get twice the prize. If you get 2 chars to 120, you also get twice the prize. But the time limit is one week. starting from this Saturday to the next so prepare well and make the best use of your time.

I'll update this post again later with more details so keep checking back ^-^

The contest part is...

Whoever gets MOST lvls or gets MOST chars to 120, will win a really nice mystery prize ^-^

Some tips on faster leveling:

Pick and decide/make a char right away, Start collecting Meditation Orbs on it so you can plvl or whatever way you will to level up.

Do Soul Tower and stack up on Golden Pocketbooks and the other Blue ones.

Get some gear ready beforehand so you can bot/do Battle Grounds on the char when it hits the level you need it to in advance so you don't waste time on Saturday and can start right off.

Get power level set up beforehand with a friend (if you can't do it by yourself) so when the contest starts off you get instant levels.

Do Exploration, that gives Golden Pocketbooks for exp.

To keep the contest fair I won't do any power level during event time cause then some people will get more advantage over the others.