Thursday, November 6, 2014

Code Redeem~!

Yes! we have a new code for freebies in guys!


Redeem this to get free G18 temp pets and Taichi.

Free exp/pets get it while it's still working xD

Can be redeemed from the top corner of ARC and just go redeem them ^-^

Lil miss raccoon says Hi!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Look!

Ta-da! I changed the look of the site again!

Went with the Starry Night Gaia sort of theme, something like from Escaflowne (epic anime series. if you don't know what it is you should totally go look it up). The whole Mystic Moon, Angel Wings and the sort.

If there is any error on the scripts part or text is hard to read or anything like that please comment and let me know I'll rearrange it.

I found a new way of taking screenies so I'll be making a lot of wallpapers and beautiful images and graphics.

Aaaand Introducing Mini Miaka~! she'll be making an appearance every now and then ^-^

P.s. The image is SUPPOSED to be transparent not sure why it's showing up with white background, if anyone has a fix for it let me know please.

Also, made a favicon! 

JD Wallpaper - Skyfall Wings

Featuring the Skyfall Wings with the Maplecharm Fashion set, taken in Sunstrider Evening time.

I personally love this Wing fashion combo, the colours of the Skyfall match perfectly with the Maplecharm set as if it's a part of the set itself. You're free to download and use the image but please do give credit or link back to me if you post it anywhere ^-^

I might redo this Wallpaper in a deeper version later ^^ so come back and subscribe for updates ^-^

Monday, August 11, 2014

The MEGA Line Contest!

Hi Hi ^-^

Figured since I'm going to be using LINE more and more, might start doing the new contest ^-^

Using THIS link (LINK) sign up to the LINE Application, and make sure you do with your in game name so it's easier for me to track who registered.

Everyone who registers, will get ...

Among the sure prizes:

1. A Lotto.
2. A Pet Lotto.
3. 1k Gold.

This is the prize that you will get just for registering, and by registering you qualify for the draw that I'll do every few people registering.

for 20 people registered, I'll do a giveaway of random 1 Grade 12 Pet.

for 40 people registered, I'll do a giveaway of x 3 Bronze Sigils.

for 60 people registered, I'll do a giveaway of a Welkin Green Jade.

for 80 people registered, I'll do a giveaway of a Gold VIP Card.

for 100 people registered, I'll do a giveaway of 20 Serenity Jades.

for 120 people registered, I'll do a giveaway of 25 TanisKa Charms.

for 140 people registered, I'll do a giveaway of 5 Expertise Boxes.

for 160 people registered, I'll do a giveaway of x2 Silver VIP Cards.

for 180 people registered I'll do a giveaway of x1 Rose Gold VIP.

after that the prizes will be repeated, for every 20 people registering, I'll use an online randomizing site to pick the reward getting person at a random number (Site I will be using).

At 250 people registering, I'll give away a Special Fashion.
At 350 people registering, I'll do a mega giveaway of a Grade 18 Pet.

This contest is Time LIMITED. Starting from today you have 2 weeks to get as many people registering as possible. Remember, the more people register the higher the prizes get. Make SURE that you're using the above link ONLY to register, if it doesn't show up on my recommended register it doesn't qualify. You can get your friends and more people to register as well, since anyone and everyone who registers will be able to get prizes.

I'll add more info or update for any changes later on, would be advisable to follow the blog or subscribe to the feed to be able to get instant notification of any updates on the site.

The contest is Limited to ONLY players from USA East The Billows Server.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jade Dynasty LINE Group! Cross Server :D

Hi Hi ^-^

So I decided to make an awesome Jade Dynasty LINE (App available on any smartphone/Mac/PC) Group so we can all get to share things and get to know each other outside the game as actual human beings :P Cause people say 'it's just a game' and don't really think much of other people apart from the ones that they know well via Skype/RC etc. In this group we can share random pics, jokes, have fun talk to each other and stay updated about what's going on with simply our phones on the go! Eating a yummy treat? share it and make everyone else droll xD

Apart from the above obvious, I'll be holding events and giveaways on the LINE Group as well (The Billows only Sorry). You might wanna stay updated about that cause I usually give out really cool prizes xD

Few Easy steps:

Search Market for the App called LINE, it should be a Green and White App.
Download it, Install it.
Make your ID, you don't have to share number so no issues there.
Add me on there and message me your IGN and Server, my id is TamahomeNoMiko .

I'll check your ID talk to you and add you to the group :D

Hurry because one group only had 199 slots. 26/199 so far! First apply first get xD.

Hope to see you all there and let's all have fun together :D

For directions on how to get Line follow the tutorial GNBlade made (THANKS GN U ROCK!)

P.s. here's the link to the PC version for it if you don't have a Smartphone Line for PC

Friday, May 30, 2014

Friends Cricle~ Wallpaper~

Hey Hey :D Random Wallpaper just made xD Saw Arch standing in sunstream and Khris and Suri came to meet my new Kelpie and it was just us 4 around in the middle sunstream circle :3 All 4 are my really good friends who I can call true friends who stuck by me in times when I was really in crisis and even though they didn't have much themselves they tried to help me. Thank you guys <3 this is for you ^-^

First Horse Pet G12 on The Billows!

My Kelpie! Behold <3

Thank you my AWESOME friend (not gonna name so people don't harass him) for getting me the pet as soon as it came out! I LOVE YOU!!! <3<3

Etherborn Feather Redeem Codes

Directly Quoting from Trailturtle :

Z7uph1BP: Blue Ether Pack. This one has the big-ticket prizes, like the Sigil and the Yuan Crystal; see below for the full list.

JgB95hno: Red Ether Pack. This one has the Jaki Stone, Taichi Pills, Merit Incense, and most of the other repeat/functional items.

You can redeem these codes in the Arc client (click your name in the upper-right). More detailed instructions are here.

As with the Harmony Runes, these codes are only redeemable once per account -- otherwise, players would be able to redeem multiple times per character. I do want to give people flexibility wherever possible, though, so I've put the two different packs in different codes.

Full list of items on each Ether Pack:

Red Ether Pack (JgB95hno):
Jaki Stone
Recall Chant
Puppet Protector
Meditation Orb 5X
Taichi Pill Pack
Indomitable Power II
Heaven Trek Seal
Merit Incense
Telepathy Gems
Excellent Health Stock
Excellent Spirit Stock

Blue Ether Pack (Z7uph1BP):
Dragon Sigil
Yuan Crystal
Boost Orb
Soul Inverter
Ancient Coin
Fine Seal Orb
Common Seal Orb
Special Vigor Stock
Affinity Bead
Chroma Bead
Common Orb Bead


Since Finally the codes are here ... Happy Redeeming xD Good luck and Grats in Advance for the +9s and 10s you all have been waiting for~!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer Contest~ Ideas?

Since it's almost Summer Vacations and Exam ending for a lot of people, I'm thinking of doing a summer event/contest with a whole variety of prizes. Something that everyone can participate in.

So... for that I'm going to make a little contest FOR the contest ^-^

Give me your ideas on what would be a good contest or event, I already have something in mind but if I like your idea better, and it's nicely detailed and I decide to use it, you'll win 10k gold from me! Just to give the idea ^-^ (there JUST might be runner up prizes as well!)

Rules for this contest contest is...

Post your ideas in reply to this post, with your In Game Name/Alliance/Level.

Subscribe to the newsletter on the sidebar and let me know the name you subscribed with, same with Google connect and Networked Blogs. (So you get first dibs whenever I put up good contests like this.)

If you're already subscribed let me know what name is you so your entry is valid. Those who don't follow any of the rules will not be counted even if they give the best idea in the lot.

Hoping to get a lot of creative and fun entries ^-^

Contest only valid in The Billows Server.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Arc Integration Yay or Nay!

So with PWE's latest announcement of forcing players to use ARC [ Click This Link ] there has been a visible amount of worries and uneasiness among players, and now the latest news... [Check this Link] which PRETTY MUCH states that the Arc client is going to invade privacy beyond the level of anything ever used before.

PWE Fails to fix glitches and problems like stuff when you get kicked out when leaving BFS or Elysium, the jadeon portal is still glitched (people keep losing expertise points upon failing M/D quests with new disciples), the BG bug is still there, the Dragonfang Herb Pet training bug still there and countless more. The support system sucks they don't even take care of problems we send tickets for, and we get messed up rewards during charging events. Not even counting the lags and problems people are having with Arc 'already', this will be an utter and total disaster to say the least.

This pretty much screws up all people who have spent cash and jaden on building up alts to farm or who have alts to vend, this means total DEATH of JD. Forcing us to use something that only makes the gaming experience even worse than it already is with this no GM help no support game is just equal to shutting down JD altogether. We already have experienced how the 'will be fixed soon' goes.

People don't spend real cash in a game to get screwed over like this, I know people who spend over 1k$ a month on just buying Jaden to up their gears and on their farmers, NO ONE wants this crap after we spend so much cash. On the Billows server alone we have so many who charge in thousands, and who are already saying they won't charge 1$ anymore, including me.

The poll to protest is Right Here  go vote and make a difference or at least attempt to >.>;

Shura server has my respect for trying a proper full protest I recommend we should also try this
Ok we from shura server(many of us) r planning to go offline for 3 days.

With that we wanna show that we don't want and need this stupid arc,

We will go offline from Tuesday 22.04.14 till friday 25.04.14.

Help us to stop pwe from doin what they want.

Btw arc records any information even if u don't play the game.

Don't let em steal ur privacy.

Support us to support u.

 This should make a significant impact.

Post your comments and opinions and please do vote.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Arc Free Gift Codes List

Since there was a LOT of confusion over Arc and about the codes on Arc I decided to make a list of all codes and what do you get from them.

First off Arc, a very annoying system indeed, but, if you want to get these goodies you have no choice but to install it. You do NOT have to keep it logged in by any means. Redeem the codes, exit the program. To redeem code you have to log in to the Arc Client, then on top corner where it says "Hi <fill in your name>" Click that, Redeem Key, enter the code, and after that pick your server and char to redeem on as usual.

Here is the list of codes that have been given for Arc so far. I'll update again if w get more codes. Like and Subscribe if you find this helpful and would like to keep up with all good updates here ^-^

Latest Code: rbsfV7YL  (April 15th)

G19 Temp Pet - Immortal Soldier Relic Pack x2 (Cyntic Seal/Affinity Bead/Chroma Bead/Taichi Pill Pack/Temp Horse Mount) - Tornahowl Essence Ticketx5 (Yeah I don't get the sense behind it either, could have been just a Moonlight Spirit, much better) aaaaaaand last and the best... x3 LOTTOS! one that contains Kirin Sigil and Firmus Packs so go go farm it out! not sure WHY JD being so generous but go get those Kirin Sigils and sell to me <3

New Codes: Working as of April 2015:

Code: K5wBl6Uo

Deep Affection Pack - Special Valentine's giveaway, has a lot of things including a Heart of Moon for you afk botters out there :P

Code: CDxHupi5

Cyntic Seal/Affinity Bead/Chroma Bead/Taichi Pill Pack/Temp Horse Mount

Code: QR4rZmG0 

For redeem the blossom drop event items

Code : K5wBl6Uo

Deep Affection Pack. Special Valentine's Promo code, gives prizes and temp items at different levels, and a Heart of Moon.


Code: Ja3BJzfv (expired)

x2 Lottos and the Cyntic Seal/Affinity Bead/Chroma Bead/Taichi Pill Pack/Temp Horse Mount

Code: zAEkYfRt

3x Common Beef Dumpling: Increases skill dmg by 3% for 15 mins.
3 x Moonlight Spirit (Gives Esper energy) 1 Moonlight Spirit = 2 Lunarshade Stones.
5x Merit Incense Coupon = 60 Merits each Coupon can be exchanged at Award Exchanger.
3 x One-day, Grade 19 pets. Usually Rayan/Celan/Incence Boss Pets.

Code: BF6mbQGy

3 x Moonlight Spirit (Gives Esper energy) 1 Moonlight Spirit = 2 Lunarshade Stones.
3 x One-day, Grade 19 pets. Usually Rayan/Celan/Incence Boss Pets.

Code: P9IICL9Y

10x Jar of Taichi Pills. 1 Jar = 60 Taichi Pills.
3x 1-day, level 150 pets. Usually Rayan/Celan/Incence Boss Pets.
999x Chroma Beads

Code: 234xPU1H

10x Jar of Taichi Pills.  1 Jar = 60 Taichi Pills.
Destiny Pack = Fate Box with temp Fashion/ Temp Skyfall Wings/ Heart Transform Gem/ 7x Taichi pill Gourd=111 Taichi Pills/ Title scroll <Counterpart>
< Q_Q > title.
999x Chroma Beads.