Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Arc Integration Yay or Nay!

So with PWE's latest announcement of forcing players to use ARC [ Click This Link ] there has been a visible amount of worries and uneasiness among players, and now the latest news... [Check this Link] which PRETTY MUCH states that the Arc client is going to invade privacy beyond the level of anything ever used before.

PWE Fails to fix glitches and problems like stuff when you get kicked out when leaving BFS or Elysium, the jadeon portal is still glitched (people keep losing expertise points upon failing M/D quests with new disciples), the BG bug is still there, the Dragonfang Herb Pet training bug still there and countless more. The support system sucks they don't even take care of problems we send tickets for, and we get messed up rewards during charging events. Not even counting the lags and problems people are having with Arc 'already', this will be an utter and total disaster to say the least.

This pretty much screws up all people who have spent cash and jaden on building up alts to farm or who have alts to vend, this means total DEATH of JD. Forcing us to use something that only makes the gaming experience even worse than it already is with this no GM help no support game is just equal to shutting down JD altogether. We already have experienced how the 'will be fixed soon' goes.

People don't spend real cash in a game to get screwed over like this, I know people who spend over 1k$ a month on just buying Jaden to up their gears and on their farmers, NO ONE wants this crap after we spend so much cash. On the Billows server alone we have so many who charge in thousands, and who are already saying they won't charge 1$ anymore, including me.

The poll to protest is Right Here  go vote and make a difference or at least attempt to >.>;

Shura server has my respect for trying a proper full protest I recommend we should also try this
Ok we from shura server(many of us) r planning to go offline for 3 days.

With that we wanna show that we don't want and need this stupid arc,

We will go offline from Tuesday 22.04.14 till friday 25.04.14.

Help us to stop pwe from doin what they want.

Btw arc records any information even if u don't play the game.

Don't let em steal ur privacy.

Support us to support u.

 This should make a significant impact.

Post your comments and opinions and please do vote.