Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tea BFS Season Rewards Glitched

Because of yet another unexplained bug, several people are unable to claim Team BFS rewards now.

This includes people who have always been in a team, joined mid season, or people who just joined recently to get rewards.

This is gonna cause a lot of people quitting cause they worked hard for this all season, rage, and be screwed over royally.

So far there is no similarity between the people who can't claim. Levels, faction, affinity, time of joining, and nothing else, there is absolutely nothing in common it's just a random people bug. People in same team some can claim some cannot.

Update: There seems to be a rumor going about people who got rewards first season can't get it again, but I had my entire alt team people get rewards with np at all, and everyone else didn't even though everyone on the alt team got rewards last season as well.

There might be some similarity but I don't think it's related since there are too many missing facts there...

For now I think the best solution would be sending tickets, and replying to forum post that I made HERE

Hopefully it'll make them fix it sooner if we all work together.

Will update this as we get new info on it.

For people who are getting spots from Ultimate teams, PM Zakatso or me on xOMiakaOx, we have to have people on team for 24 hours, so unfortunate as it is, unless JD people fix this issue within a few hours, some of our people will miss out on the spots.. you can all send tickets to Perfect World, and help us get this fixed faster. I hope everyone gets their rewards.

Thank you for understanding. (current time of posting this 13:30 server time)


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Inductee Milestones Contest!

Basically a contest like something o.o but not exactly, since it's a milestone more than contest :P

You level up a char under my ID (you can find it here) from 1-120 or 5 lvls from whatever lvl you are (120+) and you get a nice gift ^-^ The leveling will be done under the time I set which will be starting on this Saturday so you can have the weekend to do as much as you like with the char. :)
Get your chars ready and all set up!

I'll personally check your chars ON Saturday (the time will be random or someone will check for me if I'm not around) and then we'll track your progress within one week :D

You can do this Multiple times. If you get 10 level instead of 5 you get twice the prize. If you get 2 chars to 120, you also get twice the prize. But the time limit is one week. starting from this Saturday to the next so prepare well and make the best use of your time.

I'll update this post again later with more details so keep checking back ^-^

The contest part is...

Whoever gets MOST lvls or gets MOST chars to 120, will win a really nice mystery prize ^-^

Some tips on faster leveling:

Pick and decide/make a char right away, Start collecting Meditation Orbs on it so you can plvl or whatever way you will to level up.

Do Soul Tower and stack up on Golden Pocketbooks and the other Blue ones.

Get some gear ready beforehand so you can bot/do Battle Grounds on the char when it hits the level you need it to in advance so you don't waste time on Saturday and can start right off.

Get power level set up beforehand with a friend (if you can't do it by yourself) so when the contest starts off you get instant levels.

Do Exploration, that gives Golden Pocketbooks for exp.

To keep the contest fair I won't do any power level during event time cause then some people will get more advantage over the others.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nostalgic Screenshots Part 1

Who else remembers this? What area is this again xD?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The 2015 Valentine's Romantic Screenshot Contest!


So the looooong awaited Contest is FINALLY Here!

So what if Valentine's is over? Don't be sad, it's time to share your in game memories with your Valentine with us!

I'll do two part of the contest. first part I'll pick my own fave screenies and give prizes based on my personal taste.

Part two will have a public voting! whichever screenie gets most votes will win, BUT! there's a catch. You have to be registered on this site Google Follow or Subscribe to Reader/Facebook/Networked Blogs, and post with your in game username, so there isn't multiple voting or favoritism.


1.You can submit only 2 screenshots per person.

2.Your spouse/partner doesn't count as another person :3

3.You can tweak up your screenie on Photoshop but a screenie as it is, is considered more classy :P

4.You can't copy the location of another person's screenie. if you were too late to notice this contest or got lazy and they posted it first, your loss, too bad, try another spot. Tons of romantic locations.

5. No cheating or using connections to vote! I will find out D:< yeah you heard me I WILL FIND OUT D:<

6. Though the prizes will be given to each participant that wins, they can exchange with other participants if they wish to do so.

Since a lot of people are new to this sort f contest I'll advice looking at the previous contests on my other link.
You can use : or to upload your screenshots.
You can post your screenshots in the comment section of this post like SHINJI did. Make sure you're registred on this site when you do and include your IGN as well.


Prizes will Include but won't be limited to...

Skyfall Wings

G12 Pet

Ring Recipes


Other CS Items

Looking forward to see how everyone spent their Valentine's Day :)

Here's one from me for just an example :P Of course I tweaked it cause I can't help tweaking stuff xD

Oh and I updated the codes for the current time frame updated codes for Freebies can be found here > Freebies Codes List

Bug Dynasty or TOTALLY Bugged Dynasty?

Everyone knows, New  Patch = New Bugs!

Here's a few latest ones I discovered after personal experiences...

The Pet Rename Bug!

You try to rename your pet, it vanishes from your bag/pet bag.
You heard it. Simply vanishes like it wasn't there at all!
Mine was a G18 Scorp that vanished when I tried to rename it with Chinese characters... When I asked around, a few others had also had this happen to them. A returning player (sorry I lost your name) lost a G12 Ascended FireRock Demon and was bewildered to say the least... I've sent a ticket and so did he but there isn't any progress so far.

The Expertise go POOF! Bug!

Yes, the boxes, with my new Disciple, I tried using all 3, Solar Gold, Lunar Silver and Bronze Starry, and I didn't get any points, what's worse, my Disciple didn't get any quest or exp either. It was like it just went poof like it wasn't there, I did it 2 hour or so after reset so it can't be that I might have done it once already. That was the first time I used Cases AFTER the new update. I won't be using any till it's fixed however.

The Town Port Bug!

Sometimes, when you get ported to town, like with Rock Giant or Kunlun Slave. you're unable to move, unable to land on the ground, you're frozen in mid air and have no choice BUT to End Client altogether.

If you guys have experienced the same/similar bugs, had important pets vanishing on you, reply here so we can tell them that it's something people don't like happening to them and it's not a small scale dc bug, it's us losing important things er put time and money into.