Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bug Dynasty or TOTALLY Bugged Dynasty?

Everyone knows, New  Patch = New Bugs!

Here's a few latest ones I discovered after personal experiences...

The Pet Rename Bug!

You try to rename your pet, it vanishes from your bag/pet bag.
You heard it. Simply vanishes like it wasn't there at all!
Mine was a G18 Scorp that vanished when I tried to rename it with Chinese characters... When I asked around, a few others had also had this happen to them. A returning player (sorry I lost your name) lost a G12 Ascended FireRock Demon and was bewildered to say the least... I've sent a ticket and so did he but there isn't any progress so far.

The Expertise go POOF! Bug!

Yes, the boxes, with my new Disciple, I tried using all 3, Solar Gold, Lunar Silver and Bronze Starry, and I didn't get any points, what's worse, my Disciple didn't get any quest or exp either. It was like it just went poof like it wasn't there, I did it 2 hour or so after reset so it can't be that I might have done it once already. That was the first time I used Cases AFTER the new update. I won't be using any till it's fixed however.

The Town Port Bug!

Sometimes, when you get ported to town, like with Rock Giant or Kunlun Slave. you're unable to move, unable to land on the ground, you're frozen in mid air and have no choice BUT to End Client altogether.

If you guys have experienced the same/similar bugs, had important pets vanishing on you, reply here so we can tell them that it's something people don't like happening to them and it's not a small scale dc bug, it's us losing important things er put time and money into.