Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tea BFS Season Rewards Glitched

Because of yet another unexplained bug, several people are unable to claim Team BFS rewards now.

This includes people who have always been in a team, joined mid season, or people who just joined recently to get rewards.

This is gonna cause a lot of people quitting cause they worked hard for this all season, rage, and be screwed over royally.

So far there is no similarity between the people who can't claim. Levels, faction, affinity, time of joining, and nothing else, there is absolutely nothing in common it's just a random people bug. People in same team some can claim some cannot.

Update: There seems to be a rumor going about people who got rewards first season can't get it again, but I had my entire alt team people get rewards with np at all, and everyone else didn't even though everyone on the alt team got rewards last season as well.

There might be some similarity but I don't think it's related since there are too many missing facts there...

For now I think the best solution would be sending tickets, and replying to forum post that I made HERE

Hopefully it'll make them fix it sooner if we all work together.

Will update this as we get new info on it.

For people who are getting spots from Ultimate teams, PM Zakatso or me on xOMiakaOx, we have to have people on team for 24 hours, so unfortunate as it is, unless JD people fix this issue within a few hours, some of our people will miss out on the spots.. you can all send tickets to Perfect World, and help us get this fixed faster. I hope everyone gets their rewards.

Thank you for understanding. (current time of posting this 13:30 server time)