Friday, May 30, 2014

Etherborn Feather Redeem Codes

Directly Quoting from Trailturtle :

Z7uph1BP: Blue Ether Pack. This one has the big-ticket prizes, like the Sigil and the Yuan Crystal; see below for the full list.

JgB95hno: Red Ether Pack. This one has the Jaki Stone, Taichi Pills, Merit Incense, and most of the other repeat/functional items.

You can redeem these codes in the Arc client (click your name in the upper-right). More detailed instructions are here.

As with the Harmony Runes, these codes are only redeemable once per account -- otherwise, players would be able to redeem multiple times per character. I do want to give people flexibility wherever possible, though, so I've put the two different packs in different codes.

Full list of items on each Ether Pack:

Red Ether Pack (JgB95hno):
Jaki Stone
Recall Chant
Puppet Protector
Meditation Orb 5X
Taichi Pill Pack
Indomitable Power II
Heaven Trek Seal
Merit Incense
Telepathy Gems
Excellent Health Stock
Excellent Spirit Stock

Blue Ether Pack (Z7uph1BP):
Dragon Sigil
Yuan Crystal
Boost Orb
Soul Inverter
Ancient Coin
Fine Seal Orb
Common Seal Orb
Special Vigor Stock
Affinity Bead
Chroma Bead
Common Orb Bead


Since Finally the codes are here ... Happy Redeeming xD Good luck and Grats in Advance for the +9s and 10s you all have been waiting for~!