Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jade Dynasty LINE Group! Cross Server :D

Hi Hi ^-^

So I decided to make an awesome Jade Dynasty LINE (App available on any smartphone/Mac/PC) Group so we can all get to share things and get to know each other outside the game as actual human beings :P Cause people say 'it's just a game' and don't really think much of other people apart from the ones that they know well via Skype/RC etc. In this group we can share random pics, jokes, have fun talk to each other and stay updated about what's going on with simply our phones on the go! Eating a yummy treat? share it and make everyone else droll xD

Apart from the above obvious, I'll be holding events and giveaways on the LINE Group as well (The Billows only Sorry). You might wanna stay updated about that cause I usually give out really cool prizes xD

Few Easy steps:

Search Market for the App called LINE, it should be a Green and White App.
Download it, Install it.
Make your ID, you don't have to share number so no issues there.
Add me on there and message me your IGN and Server, my id is TamahomeNoMiko .

I'll check your ID talk to you and add you to the group :D

Hurry because one group only had 199 slots. 26/199 so far! First apply first get xD.

Hope to see you all there and let's all have fun together :D

For directions on how to get Line follow the tutorial GNBlade made (THANKS GN U ROCK!)

P.s. here's the link to the PC version for it if you don't have a Smartphone Line for PC