Sunday, March 3, 2013

JD Fashion Close Up~ The Dark Nova Fashion!

This time featuring Asabella and Azhazel as my special guest Models ^-^

I noticed Asabella in Trading realm running (My home) around with the Dark Nova with matching gold mask and Fuwa affinity circle xD and few seconds later I see Azhazel passing by her with same Fuwa circle in gold!

So I drag them both to Incence Valley to get them in the JD Fashion section :3

The Dark Nova Can be Acquired by chrarging 50 jaden while the Valentine's Rewards last ^-^ looks way cooler than the regular Nova~

As you can see it looks way perfect with the Glutton Mask :3

Thank you Asabella (Ultimate Alli) and Azhazel (SOLDIORS) for being my models ^-^

If you want to be featured as my next models catch me while wearing something that matches you perfectly well with your faction or on a matching Mount with pet or whatever hits my fancy :3