Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Happens When People KS Ultimate Members ^^

Sooooo, I'm going around minding my business and botting in the affinity area in R12, then suddenly, WHAM! TheOnlyFor, the alt of XWolfGirlX/JadeonTear (an Egyptian GUY btw), comes and starts ksing me! I'm like O.O! I tell him nicely, "yo wolf find a different realm", no reply, and I notice she's in FailLaw (FairLaw) alli. I world chat for the alli leader to keep their members in control (since my alli members never ks and get booted if they start ksing random people). MayLay wced back that they can't even keep their members in control :o sooooo, I guessed it's time to take matters into my own hand, soooo my brave warriors iCobraMonk and DefilerEN come up and since it's a PvP realm they pretty much one shotted him :O! like so cool huh xD

When people Mess with Ultimate we smash em to the ground and sit on them "says iCobraMonk and DefilerEN as last reported"
Here's the screenie for everyone to enjoy :D  See when you're in Ultimate, if it's possible in anyways, we always got your back <3