Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Romantic Song Contest!

Ran into on of my old most favorite songs today on youtube, thought I'd share then I thought of a new contest :D follow this example and find a video from your favorite romantic movie, post the video link in comment to this post, and describe a bit about why the song/movie/video is special to you ^-^ The prizes will be random and chosen on how I like the song/movie :3
You can also dedicate your song to someone you love and I'll post the top dedications on world chat on Christmas ^-^
Video :

Movie : Pretty Woman (1990) Julia Roberts, Richard Gere.
I loved this movie so endlessly a lot, watched it over and over and couldn't get enough of it. The song and Roxette's voice and how it was put together was just amazing, truly one of the best romantic movies to date.