Friday, April 5, 2013

Warning Again! YaraSofia the G.I.R.L!

YaraSofia - Delty - Deityx - MiyaAida - AsunaSama - skybird - Skybeam and more faces of one same guy~ read the rest below to find out the details.

Thank you : LyunSheng-Maou-Rissu-Yeou-KingRed-iiUnique-KingVT and everyone else who contributed on the info about this scammer/faker.

TAKE 10-15 Min to Read ALL of this CAREFULLY and save your 100-150k or more :O!

First of all here's a pic from Madelene *hope I spelled it right :o*

Epic piece of work right there :P 

So the story of YaraSofia starts with a distant GUY char called Skybird (OH YES I WENT THERE!), in those days I was a mere noob who struck it lucky and sold a few rare items and got rich, and it was reputed I spoil everyone I was with in game~ soooo Skybird comes and hits on me :o! The very first item was the esper he tried to sell to me xD
Then it continued to the point where he'd always ask me to lend him money or buy him this item or that, which I soon grew tired of cause it started feeling like I was being used, soooo I started giving him the cold shoulder and hanging out with a female friend of mine more. After a lot of trying to get with me he gave up and came up with a NEW Idea! Enters SkyBeam :3 a FEMALE char :3 which he claimed was because he was sick of being alone so he decided to go and marry himself. Few days later SkyBeam is seen hanging around the male rich players xD and I'm thinking to myself "Oh! so that was the new plan". Anyhow I let him be. There were stories of him golddiging people but then it went down, skybird still tried to hit on me time to time but slowed down and eventually gave up.
Enters Delty :3 random Modo pre noob that he made and told me about a long time ago and forgot that he told me. He went around talking to guys on that char for a while then my friend jamezilla who was in my alli that time added him to the alliance. He still kept going on around acting like a girl but now it was getting more flirtatious and he was always trying to hit on rich guys in the alli. When I confronted him he replied saying "you are forgetting something 'hun', I am a girl" and I was like wow he actually forgot that I am one person who know his reality from his first main! In the meantime there were stories of him scamming this person or that. I warned my friend but he didn't take me seriously and was going to marry Delty. Took a LOT of effort but he finally changed his mind to not marry. However, nice as he was, Delty managed to trick his info out of him by begging and pleading and hacked him. His entire char was wasted. Then I found out way later after Delty left the alli after marrying yet another rich guy. I raged at him in wc and everyone found out. So he went MIA on Delty.
Now SnowQween shows up, random little noob arden who I figured out was him, he started going pvp crazy on the arden and all the while scamming more people. I still kept telling people who it was. 
I never mentioned it's skybird however, so I think he got into a false sense of security that I don't know it's him o.o.
After a LOT of scamming and Gold digging, he went off on all those chars.

Few months later, Deityx a pre Voida comes up, the similarities were insane close, I still gave them the benefit of doubt. She kept asking me questions and prices and I helped out, then my friend KingVT went through a few trades with her. Then KingVT was selling a Grade 18 Pet for his friend SoulKiss, Deityx wanted to buy the pet and wanted to pay in jaden but refused to pay same time or first. So KingVT the good and trusting guy that he is, agreed to let her have the pet first since he thought he went through so many trades with her and she'll be trustworthy. The moment he traded her the pet she logged off, and deleted him from friendlist. KingVT had to the return 300k to his friend for no fault of himself apart from being a good guy. After that Deityx changed name to YaraSofia and claimed he never did any such thing. The Pet was finally sold to CalKash/Reiseii for 200 Jade which she used to scam more people with.
I kept reminding people about YaraSofia in every single world chat and now I was convinced that YaraSofia is indeed Delty.

YaraSofia had no choice but to lay low, and here comes MiyaAida! Oh yeah shocker huh xD I didn't think it was the same person at first, but I offered to plvl her in Moontop Hollow, and when plvling, I told her my bf also plvls and in a high aoe spot. Point about this is no one but my and my bf's inductees know that he plvls in Moontop Hollow. 2 days later, YaraSofia pmed my bf asking for plvl in MTH. Interesting isn't it that as soon as MiyaAida finds out about something YaraSofia does too. I tested it out by telling MiyaAida about items and YaraSofia asking for same items. I slowly stopped talking to MiyaAida and giving her the cold shoulder. The rich guy MiyaAida trapped also found out about her being YaraSofia and they broke up or something. MiyaAida became less active. Oh yeah and every item YaraSofia discarded, like the Fire Phoenix skyblade, is now being used by MiyaAida :3 

And FINALLY comessss SURPRISE SURPRISE! xFayex ! Yes people tragically enough for whoever thought it was a different person, xFayex is just another alt of the same person :) She tried to get on my good side a LOT and been trying to buy sell similar items that YaraSofia previously had. After a bit of jumping allies here and there she(HE) got invited to my alliance Ultimate AGAIN by WoodySt in his clan. And since then has been trying to act all nice and cute and asking for help and stuff. PRETENDING to be a poor broke girl so people would ger her (HIM) things xD I kind of figured out it was same person so I kept researching and observing without saying anything. And last night was the last straw xD xFayex wanted IC plvl from 'KingRed' same as MiyaAida/YaraSofia did, and at the same time said in alliance that she has no intention of actually buying plvl from him and acted all cute and sad which made the people in the alli, nice as they are, offer to plvl her (HIM) in IC xD 
I told KingRed and he said that MiyaAida/YaraSofia did the same thing! 

And now... the BIG CURTAIN RAISER!
Thank you KingVT for the Core Connect idea the CONCRETE Proof I badly needed to complete this <3 


now we come to SnowQween

and THESE her the OTHER chars xD <- MiyaAida the alt he DIDN'T for once make on same account :3 

And here's the Link to prove it's the same person <3 :


AsunaSama/AsunaChan(currently banned)  is also MiyaAida/YaraSofia 

Try searching core Connect for AsunaSama and this will turn up when u click on the Billows Forta name :

YaraSofia/MiyaAida would always say they're tech noobs and can't make a Skype. They will absolutely NEVER go on voice call. If they want to prove me wrong they can go on Voice Call on Skype same time or on RaidCall. I dare them to go on Skype same time and TALK in voice call. Otherwise they're both same person.

This is payback, for jamezilla, KingVT and all the poor souls you scammed and ruined the gameplay for.