Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Sunstrider Update and the Code Confusion

Along with the Sunstrider Update (Official Link) the codes were sent out as Sunstrider Updae Reward for the level cap increase and new stuff coming out. Randomly people were sent emails titled " Elite Sunstrider Rewards and a New Level Cap!" who got the code for a Fashion Set, Champion Ribbon (a Seal that gives awesome stats like 4% Crit Rate, 5% HP Increase and 2% Critnull, will add pic later), and 9999x Chroma Beads (that don't say they're un-tradeable but they actually are :x). There was a huge annoyance over the code since a lot of people didn't get the codes and the emails they got were just titled "Can you handle a new level cap?" that contained ONLY a 7 day Zodiac Lord transform Gem, yes not even permanent :x and it's the same gem that Final level VIP rank people get, so it's basically useless for people who charge a lot. In addition a LOT of high levels and active people didn't get the code and people's random alts got it >.< Anyhow the good thing with the good for the fashion lovers was the fact that the code had a choice of several fashions to choose from (Look here for full fashion list) The fashion can be redeemed at this NPC

in Sunstream near the Jade Exchange Girl. The JD Fashion Show list will help you choose pick which fashion to choose so you don't regret later :3