Thursday, October 31, 2013

Autumn Update~ Harmony Scroll Code and Raccoon Gem!

Hello people!

So this time yet again a new shockingly CUTE giveaway xD!

==> ADE6WS9 <==

say hello to the utterly kawaii raccoon gem <3

You also get a Q_Q title (a guy thing for the most part girls would just love the gem xD!!) and enter the above code~ Have fun with your cute gems :3


Secondly, the Harmony Rune redeem thing is in, unlike before, this time it's a portable NPC sort of thing :3 just use the code and u get a pack in your mail that you take out in your bag. when you open that u can redeem all items at any given time, luckily, this time around they DIDN'T add the annoyance of having to redeem codes daily! (Thank you Trailturlte you rock bro!)


Here's the code for any of you who didn't check/miss out/are still looking :

==> CZJK97X <== and enter the above code~ Have fun with the farmed runes :3

AND if you missed out and didn't get enough Rune, here's a new chance for you to get at least SOME bit more ^-^

Bilu and Velenous quests have returned! Thank you again Trail! this will save a lot of new coming players ^-^ Make sure you do all 3 quest daily and you might get lucky and manage to finish your required Runes ^^ Besides the taichi and affinity doesn't hurt :3