Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ultimate Alli Christmas Wishlist :D

Sooooooo, since it's all christmasy and everything, I decided I'll hold a little contest for alli ^-^

Everyone who's on at least 5-8 hour a day and TALKING in alli (that doesn't include asking for free things or yelling for MTH), qualifies for this :)

The rules are simple:

Reply to this post with your details;

1. IGN/In game name.
2. Clan Name.
3. A wishlist consisting of 3-4 items no more than 5-7k worth (can add extra wishlist for other items too but first 3 got to be withing 5-7k).

that's all there is to it :D

The winner will be chosen by me on the uniqueness and activeness and participation lvl.

Result will be announced later this month :)

Good luck to all participating ^^ feel free to ask any questions :3